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If you are experiencing tooth pain, it may be caused by a cavity. Cavities are sections of the tooth that become damaged or decayed. These portions ultimately turn into holes in the tooth. These are permanent and cannot easily be fixed without dental supervision and assistance. When you first begin to recognize signs of a cavity, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist to create an action plan. While at the appointment, you and your dentist can discuss the best options for treatment as tooth-colored fillings. Often times, this is a dental filling, especially if your cavity is not deep enough that it is significantly affecting the roots.

There are various choices of fillings to receive, all of which have certain benefits and drawbacks. One of the best options to receive is known as a tooth-colored fillings. Most dentists’ offices offer this choice, as there are many reasons that make it a top filling choice. Let’s learn more about tooth-colored fillings below.

What Tooth-Colored Fillings are Made Of

Tooth-colored fillings have been around for a long time, and since they were invented, many improvements have been made. These fillings are made of various materials combined together. This is known as a composite, since it’s a composition of different materials. Typically, you can expect to find silica fillers and plastic resins in the composite.

These materials provide the filling with a sense of translucency, as well as a tooth-like feel and texture. In addition to the visible appearance of this composite, it has significant strength which allows the tooth to function properly once filled. Without the use of these materials, your fillings would not look as natural, nor would they be as functional.


Fillings in general are capable of providing you with a lot of added functionality and comfort. When you add in the appearance of a tooth-colored composite, you can add style and visibility to this. There are plenty of benefits that are available to you after receiving a tooth colored filling. First of all, these are safer for your teeth. Other fillings may expand and shrink depending on temperature, while the plastics composite does not.

Additionally, your filling will match perfectly with your tooth, ultimately allowing for long lasting results.This is aesthetically pleasing as well and can boost your self-confidence significantly. Lastly, since it is a filling, you’d be experiencing less pain and sensitivity than before it was filled. Tooth-colored fillings can provide you with many positive outcomes.

Tooth-Colored Compared to Other Fillings

As mentioned previously, there are many different kinds of fillings available to you when you have a cavity. Compared to the tooth-colored plastics composite filling, these are not as beneficial or long lasting. For example, the next most common filling is done with silver. These tend to discolor surrounding areas, they can crack easily, and more of your tooth would need to be removed to make space for the filling. Other alternatives, such as using gold or ceramics, are often significantly more expensive and may not last as long either. None of these factors occur with tooth-colored fillings, therefore showing its superiority.

Get a Tooth-Colored Filling

If you’re experiencing severe pain that is associated with a cavity, you should visit the dentist as soon as possible. There, they can talk you through the process of receiving a cavity filling and discuss more of the benefits of using a tooth-colored filling. If cost is your concern, Inglewood Family Dental can help you out. Here, we never charge more than the governmentally recommended cost for dental procedures as seen in the current Dental Fee Guide. This means if you have insurance, you shouldn’t pay any out of pocket expenses. Instead of living in pain with cavities, get them filled with a tooth-colored filling!

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