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When it comes to children and sports, the main focus when it comes to safety is typically helmets or kneepads. The teeth are often forgot about. But when it comes to dental injuries, the Journal of the American Dental Association reports that as many as 13 to 39 percent are sports-related. If you or your children participate in sports, consider a custom sports mouth guard. While mouth guards are available commercially, they are not as effective as one that is custom made to fit your tooth structure.

What are Mouth Guards?

Regardless of the type of sport, athletes are at risk for broken teeth or other oral injuries. Mouth guards protect your upper teeth as well as the surrounding gums and soft tissue reducing the risk of dental injury. Mouth guards some in a variety of different options including standard mouth guards in a one-size-fits-all availability, boil and bite mouth guards which provide a slightly tailored fit, or custom sports mouth guards made by your dentist and designed to fit your dental structure completely.

What is the Difference Between Commercial Mouth Guards and Custom Mouth Guards?

Stock, or commercial mouth guards are inexpensive and readily available at most sporting supply stores. While many parents opt for this inexpensive piece of protective equipment, the truth is they can actually cause more harm than good. They are a standard mold and do not fit the teeth or arches in the mouth properly in most cases.

Boil and bite mouth guards are a slight step up than standard guards. They are boiled for a specific timeframe and then placed in the athlete’s mouth. The athlete bites down and the guard shapes around the teeth. Unfortunately, these are made of a thin plastic and only last for a few months before being chewed through.

Custom sports mouth guards are made by your dentist and molded to fit each individual’s teeth structure. Because of this proper fit, a blow to the face the forces are evenly distributed between the teeth and soft tissue, greatly reducing the risk of dental injury. Custom guards can be made in a variety of different ways including vacuum-formed mouth guards, laminated pressure-formed mouth guards, and injection-molded mouth guards.

Sports Commonly Needing Custom Sports Mouth Guards

When it comes to sports and custom sports mouth guards, many believe that only high contact sports like football or rugby require the use of mouth guards. While these sports definitely do, mouth guards should be considered for all sports where impact, contact, or collision with another athlete or object is possible. While the list of possible sports is long, some top sports where custom mouth guards are advised include hockey, martial arts, basketball, boxing, baseball or softball, gymnastics, lacrosse, skateboarding, skiing, soccer, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling.

Cost of Custom Sports Mouth Guards Versus Dental Care

While the price tag on a stock mouth guard may be more appealing than the cost of a custom sports mouth guard, there are some things to consider. Stock mouth guards, in many cases, are ineffective and can often contribute to more tooth damage with an injury. The cost for dental injuries, including broken teeth or knocked out teeth, can be very expensive and can often affect someone’s dental health for years down the road. Custom guards are made with your tooth structure in mind and made to sustain an injury, thus reducing the risk of expensive dental work down the road. In the end, the increased price for a custom sports mouth guard greatly outweighs the cost of potential dental work.

Caring for Your Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Unlike stock mouth guards, custom sports mouth guards are made to last, are very durable, and do not lose their shape when properly cared for. Clean your mouth guard with cool, soapy water after each use and allow to dry completely. Bring your mouth guard with you to every dental appointment so your dentist can evaluate its fit and advise if a new one is needed for optimal protection.

It is recommended that custom mouth guards be replaced every couple of years or when dental structure changes, such as children growing and having adult teeth replace baby teeth. Special considerations need to be made in the case of treatments such as braces and retainers. Talk with your dentist about the best possible custom sports mouth guard for you.

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FAQ’s About Sports Mouth Guards

How Long Does A Sports Mouth Guard Last?

If you have a mouth guard that is not stored, maintained or cleaned properly then it is not going to last long. If you take care of your mouth guard properly it could last you as long as three to five years. If it is being used frequently or daily, it is recommended to get a new mouth guard each year. If you have had any dental treatment or have lost any teeth, it is recommended to replace you mouth guard right away.

Why Should You Wear A Mouth Guard During Sports?

While you may think mouth guards are just to protect your teeth, you are wrong. Mouth guards protect your jaw just as much as they protect your teeth. All young athletes and adults should be wearing mouth guards to protect their teeth and jaw while playing physical sports.

What Sports Wear Mouth Guards?

Most sports require mouth guards. Especially for sports that have a high level of contact. Custom sports mouth guards are well-fitted and necessary for almost all sports. Examples of these sports are football, boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, street or ice hockey and wrestling. You can also use them during baseball, basketball, biking and many other sports.

How Does A Sports Mouth Guard Work?

Sports mouth guards are coverings that are worn over teeth and do their best to protect teeth from any injury. The boil and bite mouth guard is made from a thermoplastic material. You place it in hot water to make it soft and then place it in your mouth and then shape it around your teeth using pressure from your tongue and your finger.