Preventing Cavities

Calgary Dentist on Preventing Cavities

Preventing cavities is an important step in achieving good oral health. Do you have questions about what steps you can take to help prevent cavities? Watch this video by Calgary dentist Arash Ravanbakhsh, as he provides tips on preventing cavities.

Patients often come to us and ask how they can prevent getting cavities in their mouths. A lot of people pride themselves on taking really good care of their bodies, and one of the things that really bugs them is they seem to develop cavities all the time and they just don’t know why. A lot of times after we have that discussion with them, they identify several areas where they can improve so that in the future they don’t develop as many cavities.

To start, cavities are very common. They are actually the second most comment ailment after the common cold. The most important thing you can do to prevent cavities is brushing and flossing regularly. You want to make sure that you’re brushing a minimum of two times a day with an extra-soft toothbrush and you’re flossing once a day as well. With brushing, you want to make sure that you’re doing it for two minutes and that it’s done well. If you don’t know how to do it, we’d be happy to show you the proper technique, but basically, it involves getting all the surfaces of the teeth – the top, the inside, the outside – making sure that you get your gum line as well, keeping your brush at a 45-degree angle for the gums, and gently scrubbing around those areas.

The other thing you can do to prevent cavities is to make sure that your diet is under control. You want to make sure that you’re eating a diet that’s low in sugars and low in soft drinks. Soft drinks are really bad for you. They have a lot of acid content, they have a lot of sugar, and these simple sugars are broken down quicker and they create the acids that wear away our teeth and cause cavities quicker.

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