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Teeth can sometimes take damage due to accidents, plaque or a lack of upkeep. Restorative dentistry is a broad term that encompasses several areas that aim to improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth by repairing or replacing sections for an increase in functionality. At Inglewood Family Dental, we are proud to offer restorative dental services for our patients across southeast Calgary.

Restorative Dental Care in Calgary Inglewood Family Dental

Restorative Dental Care Services We Offer

The dental team at Inglewood Family Dental specializes in the following services to guide you down a path towards improved oral hygiene:

Periodontal Care Services

Restorative Dental Care In Calgary Inglewood Family Dental Routine checkups help identify the early stages of gum disease. If left untreated, symptoms can worsen and result in irritation, bleeding gums and teeth falling out completely.

Inglewood Family Dental is your source for periodontal care services that allow you to manage conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis. Periodontal care services may require one of the methods below to limit the spread of bacteria:

  • Nonsurgical treatments: We can perform scaling treatments to deep clean tartar buildup above and below the gum line. Root planing targets problem areas across roots that hold teeth in place.
  • Surgical treatments: Inglewood Family Dental can perform gum graft operations to shield roots from air, food and liquids. We also have the knowledge and training to fold back gums, clean bacteria and reattach sections for proper healing.

Dental Implants and Crowns

Our restorative dental services in southeast Calgary include fastening dental implants. Dental implants consist of titanium and are anchored in place via the jawbone. The posts placed in the jaw are accompanied by crowns that resemble natural teeth for a long-lasting solution.

Dental Bridges

Inglewood Family Dental will explain your options for dental bridges that erase gaps in your smile. These devices are typically made of porcelain and make eating possible by mounting to anchor teeth in a patient’s mouth. They can even stop existing teeth from shifting with configurations that feature multiple crowns in a row.

Root Canal Therapy

If the nerves in your teeth are sensitive due to decay, our professionals may recommend a root canal procedure to control the problem. Root canal therapy allows us to remove bacteria that has made its way to living tissues. Our mission with root canal therapy is to restore affected teeth to avoid pulling.

Partial and Full Dentures

Removable dentures are appropriate for patients interested in replacing partial or full sets of teeth. Inglewood Family Dental will set you up with a series of appointments to capture molds of your mouth for a comfortable fit. We want you to be satisfied with your all-new set of dentures, so we focus on factors such as appliance color, shape and size.

Teeth Extraction

Teeth that cannot be restored with fillings or a root canal procedure may require extraction. Our dental experts have the means to remove problem teeth that may cause crowding, disease or shifting.

Benefits of Restorative Dental Care

With professional restorative dental care from our Calgary office, it may be possible to:

  • Restore your ease of chewing and speaking.
  • Reverse the onset of plaque or decay.
  • Improve your smile.
  • Detect and counteract early stages of periodontal disease.
  • Update previous dental treatments.
  • Manage tooth loss.

Advantages of Working With Inglewood Family Dental

Inglewood Family Dental offers flexible appointment scheduling for restorative dentistry needs in Calgary. Our extended hours dental clinic is open Monday through Sunday to ensure you can visit at a time convenient for you. We are privately owned and will ensure you get the one-on-one attention you deserve.

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