Alberta Dental Fee Guide

Calgary Dentist Explains The Alberta Dental Fee Guide

Do you need dental care but are worried about how much it’s going to cost? Watch this video by Calgary dentist Arash Ravanbakhsh, as he explains how our office follows the current Alberta dental fee guide to help make it easier for our patients to get the dental care they need.

One of the biggest questions on people’s minds when it comes to dental care is often the fees. People want to know what they’re going to be charged for certain procedures. At Inglewood Family Dental, in order for us to make your dental care as accessible as possible to our patients, we’ve decided to follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide that’s been proposed by the government. A huge benefit of that is a lot of times insurance companies actually match what they payout based on what the fee guide recommends.

If you have insurance that covers your procedures at 100%, our fees will not exceed that recommended amount. In some circumstances, where some clinics might not follow the fee guide, you may still be responsible for a portion that is above and beyond the dental fee guide. This often helps our patients avoid additional out-of-pocket expenses for their dental treatment.

If you or a loved one is looking for a dentist in Calgary, contact Inglewood Family Dental to arrange your consultation. We follow the latest Alberta dental fee guide to help make it easy for Calgary residents to maintain good oral health and achieve the smile of their dreams.

Don’t put off necessary dental care because you’re worried about the cost. Contact us today to arrange your consultation.