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Inglewood Family Dental is proud to recognize and honor our senior patients by giving 10% off all dental services offered. There is no maximum dollar value to this discount.

This is especially beneficial for patient who are under the Dental Assistance for Seniors program ( which has a lower fee schedule ( than the Alberta Fee Guide. This can make a huge different in out of pocket costs for Seniors looking to get work done.

Example of fees for seniors under the Dental Assistance for Seniors plan who are covered at 100% at the Dental Assistance for Seniors fee schedule.

Procedure AB fee schedule Our seniors fees Dental assistance for seniors fee schedule Out of pocket portion for other clinics following fee guide Out of pocket portion for our clinic
Complete Oral Exam 101.48 91.78 98 3.48 0
Panoramic 88.32 79.48 84 4.32 0
3units scale 201.48 181.33 190.02 11.46 0
Root canal  (4 canals) 1423.30 1280.97 1229 194.3 51.97
Surgical Extraction 242.15 217.93 213 29.15 4.93
One surface white filling 149.6 134.64 135.24 14.36 0

Regular dental care is important for everyone, but as you age, taking care of your teeth becomes even more important. Seniors face a variety of different challenges when it comes to senior dental care and finding a Calgary dentist that understands these unique needs and works with you to find the perfect dental care solution is essential. At Inglewood Family Dental, we are dedicated to making senior dental care easy and affordable for our senior patients, ensuring your dental health is the best it can be.

Common Dental Concerns Facing Seniors

Common Dental Concerns Facing Seniors

Senior patients encounter many different dental challenges as they age. As the body ages, medical conditions may arise that require medications. Many medications come with side effects, such as dry mouth, that can affect the health of your teeth. Saliva helps protect your teeth from harmful bacteria and decay and a dry mouth often means increased risk for cavities.

Dental restorations, such as fillings or crowns, age as well. As you reach your senior years, many of these may require replacement in order to maintain the remaining tooth structure. Senior dental care visits can ensure that loose fillings or crowns are caught before they fall out or cause more damage.

As you reach your senior years, conditions such as arthritis can affect regular dental care, such as brushing and flossing. This reduction in care can cause dental plaque to build up and contribute to gum disease and possible tooth loss. Senior dental care visits and cleanings can help to address this issue and ensure the health of your teeth. If tooth loss does occur, dental restorations or dentures may often be necessary and will require regular and specialized care.

Addressing Regular Dental Obstacles

As mentioned above, oftentimes seniors experience changes in their ability to take care of their teeth like they used to. Arthritis can make brushing and flossing difficult, leading to the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. The increased risk of potential dental infections can trigger other underlying systemic diseases. If you feel that regular dental care has become difficult for you, talk with one of our dentists about possible aids, such as extenders for toothbrushes or specially designed flossers.

If new medications are causing regular dry mouth issues that are contributing to dental concerns, our dentists will help work with you to address the dryness and reduce your risk of tooth decay.

For some patients, senior dental care can become a costly option that they just can’t afford. At Inglewood Family Dental we understand these challenges and do everything we can to make care as affordable as possible, including offering discount rates to our senior patients.

Benefits of Regular Senior Dental Care

Good oral health is essential for everyone, but your senior years can contribute to more potential complications. The major cause of tooth loss in adults and seniors is gum disease. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings is essential to remove plaque that builds up faster as you age.

Regular dental visits allow your dentist to monitor potential problems and catch them before they become worse. Things like loose fillings or crowns are often caught with regular senior dental care visits. During these regular visits, your dentist isn’t just looking at your teeth. Signs in the mouth can often show signs of other diseases, such as diabetes or oral cancer. Regular checkups can catch these signs early.

Senior dental care is important even if you have lost all of your natural teeth to dentures. Regular checkups look at your dentures and how they are fitting, as well as checking for possible infections, signs of disease, or bone loss in the jaw.

Senior Dental Care and Cost Concerns

For many patients, senior dental care concerns come down to cost and the ability to afford regular care. At Inglewood Family Dental, we want to be able to make care as accessible as possible for our patients. This is why we have decided to follow the current Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

For patients with insurance policies that cover 100% of the allowed fees for a procedure, this means you will have no out-of-pocket expense that you might have at clinics that do not follow the fee guide.

For those without insurance, we want to be able to offer additional help to ensure that you receive the dental care you need and deserve. For all seniors over the age of 65, we offer an additional 10% off the dental fee guide prices on all services, with no minimums. This makes services more affordable for our patients and helps to ensure we will be able to see their smiling faces in our dental chair. Our goal is to take care of our senior patient’s oral health so they can get out and enjoy their golden years!

For more information on our costs and senior discounts, give our office a call and we will answer any questions you may have and help you set up a senior dental care appointment today!

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