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Just as the name suggests, a swollen jaw indicates that a portion of your lower mouth, called the jawbone, is harmed or sickened in some way. It can cause significant pain. They can occur for various reasons, yet some causes are more serious than others. Regardless of the reason that you are experiencing a swollen jaw, there are treatment options for you. Instead of spending days full of discomfort, talking to a dentist about how to cure your pain is a much more effective way to spend your time. For more information about a swollen jaw and how they occur, keep reading further.

Symptoms of Swollen Jaw

There only a few symptoms associated with having a swollen jaw. When these are experienced either separate or together, a swollen jaw is quite simple to diagnose. First of all, you may have swelling located on one side of your mouth, under the ear, a swollen cheek, or associated with a toothache. Additionally, there may be pain when you open your mouth, chew, or talk. This comes from repetitive motions on an already sensitive area. The symptoms of a swollen jaw have various causes, as we’ll examine below.

Causes of Swollen Jaw

Many things in life can cause a jaw swelling. Some of the most common causes include trauma and infection. First of all, if you fall or get hit in the face, your jaw is likely to experience swelling. This may also be associated with the bruising of the face. If you fell or took a hard blow and are now experiencing symptoms of a swollen jaw, visiting the dentist is a must since you may have a broken or dislocated jaw.

A second cause of jaw pain and swelling is seen through either viral or bacterial infections.

These invade the lymph nodes in your neck and lead to swelling and discomfort. With infections, you may also experience a fever, headache, sore throat, or combination of the three. Some fewer common causes of a swollen jaw include but are not limited to having a tooth abscess, if you just received a tooth extraction, or an issue within your salivary glands. Regardless what the cause of your swelling is, there is a treatment option for you!

Treatment Options

Depending on what the cause of your jaw swelling is, there are different treatment options that your dentist may recommend. For example, if your condition is not too severe, such as waking up from pain after sleeping an odd position, there are home remedies to treatment. These include applying a cold compress, to the swollen area, eating soft foods to avoid jaw movement, and taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. In other circumstances, a dentist visit may be necessary.

If you have fallen or got hit and broke your jaw, you’d require a professional bandaging or wiring. Alternatively, if your pain was caused by an infection, you’d need antibiotics to fight them. This is also provided by a licensed dentist. No matter what the cause of your jaw swelling, a great dentist can help you relieve your inconvenient symptoms.

When to See a Dentist

Whenever you’re concerned with a swollen jaw, contact your dentist for further information and treatment. If you’re currently in between dentists and are looking for a great one in the Calgary area, Inglewood Family Dental can help! We offer a complementary consultation for new patients.

This means that you can come in and we can discuss the concerns you have without proceeding with a treatment plan. Only after we decide on a treatment plan together and begin the process will you be charged. Swollen jaws can be frustrating and difficult to ease, so be sure to contact us today to set up your dental consultation!

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