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Affordable Dental Care in Calgary Calgary Dentist Free Consultations

Providing Budget-Friendly Dentistry Throughout Calgary

At Inglewood Family Dental, our years of working with patients in Inglewood and throughout Calgary has given us insights into what patients need the most, especially when it comes to their budget. Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons people put off necessary dental treatment is the cost. This can lead to the need of extensive and more expensive dental work in the future, due to putting off necessary treatment today. Also, oral health issues that go untreated can lead to pain, decay, and other negative health consequences.

At Inglewood Family Dental, we believe affordable dental care should be accessible to everyone. Because of this, we have decided to follow the current Alberta Dental Fee Guide. This allows our office to help make it easier for our patients to get the affordable dental care they need without worrying about the cost. A huge benefit of us following the dental fee guide, is a lot of times insurance companies actually match what they pay out based on what the fee guide recommends.

This means that if you have insurance that covers your procedures at 100%, our fees will not exceed that recommended amount. In some circumstances, where some clinics might not follow the fee guide, you may still be responsible for a portion that is above and beyond the Alberta dental fee guide. This often helps our patients avoid additional out-of-pocket expenses for their dental treatment.

At Inglewood Family Dental, to provide affordable dental care, we also do our best to offer our patients flexible financing options that work for them, no matter their financial situation. We also offer additional discounts for senior patients who may be on a fixed income.

We are always happy to submit your dental insurance claims for you. We do ask that you, please bring your insurance information when you come in for your appointment. We will work with you to ensure that your benefits are utilized according to your policy. Remember, dental insurance is intended to cover some, but not all of the cost of your dental care.

The fees charged for services rendered to those who are insured are the usual and customary fees charged to all our patients for similar services. Your policy may base its eligible fee on a fixed fee schedule, which may or may not coincide with our usual fees.

You should be aware that different insurance carriers vary greatly in the types of coverage available and that group benefits are designed based on options your employer has chosen for you.

If you have questions about the affordable dental care we provide, your insurance coverage, or your out-of-pocket expenses, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for a quote. We offer free complimentary consultations and will always provide an estimate prior to completing any work so you have an idea of the costs ahead of time.

If you or a loved one is looking for affordable dental care in Calgary, please contact Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh at Inglewood Family Dental to arrange a free consultation. We welcome the opportunity to put a smile on your face!
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