How Your Oral Health Impacts Your Overall Health

Did you know that your oral health impacts your overall health? What you consume and how well you take care of your mouth can have a huge impact on your well being. Watch this video by Calgary dentist Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh, as he explains how your oral health impacts your overall health and how you can help.

A lot times people are not aware that their oral health actually has a huge impact on their overall health. A lot of recent developments and findings in literature suggest that the mouth is actually very closely related to the rest of your body. What happens in the mouth can have really long-term consequences on your overall health. We see people that are vegan, health conscious, exercise every day, but never go see a dentist, or they ignore what’s happening in their mouths. It’s unfortunate that that happens, but hopefully with time people become more well-educated about the link between your mouth and your body.

Some recent studies have found a correlation between your body and your mouth including the fact that diabetes control is closely related to how healthy your mouth is. Making sure your blood sugars are at a stable level for a long duration of time is really important, and gum disease can actually disturb that pretty significantly. It’s been shown to lead to premature labor, low birth weights, sleeping problems.

Poor oral health has also been closely correlated with heart issues – heart attacks, heart disease, even stroke. What happens is the bacteria in our mouths, if they’re not in control, or if there’s too much of them or if there’s too many bacteria that shouldn’t be there, it can spread. It can go into your lungs, leading to things like pneumonia, COPD, emphysema – all of those have been correlated with gum disease.

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