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Calgary Dentist Near You Explains How Diabetes Can Affect Your Oral Health

Diabetes is a common disease that affects one in three Canadians. Many of those who have diabetes probably aren’t aware of how detrimental the disease can be to their oral health. For people living with diabetes, managing their symptoms can be a challenge. Often, you may not realize that oral discomfort or symptoms you’re experiencing could be a side effect of being diabetic. Fortunately, a Calgary dentist near you can help treat oral health problems you might be experiencing. Here, we will go over some of the ways diabetes can affect your oral health.

Oral Symptoms Associated With Untreated Diabetes

Dry Mouth

Diabetes can reduce the amount of saliva you produce, which can cause your mouth to feel dry. Making sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water can help with this. You can also try eating healthy, crunchy foods, or increase saliva production by chewing sugarless gum. In addition, less saliva means that you’re more likely to get cavities, so it’s important you try and prevent your mouth from becoming overly dry.

Gum Disease

Inflammation and bleeding of the gums can occur (gingivitis) commonly in people with diabetes. It may be an early sign of gum disease if you notice bleeding when you brush or floss. More severe cases can cause the bone supporting your teeth to deteriorate, resulting in tooth loss. Research has shown early gum disease can be reversed by brushing, flossing, and eating a healthy diet. Maintaining good blood sugar control can also help to prevent gum disease.

Issues With Taste

If you have diabetes, you might not be able to enjoy your favorite flavors, as it can affect your taste. When trying to add more flavor to your food, avoid loading up on too much sugar, since it affects both the quality of your diet, your diabetes, and your oral health. It’s also recommended that you see your dentist if you are experiencing persistent bad breath.

Delayed Wound Healing

In some cases, wound healing may be delayed in people living with diabetes. Cold sores or cuts around the mouth may take a long time to recover from. Diabetics with poor blood sugar control may experience delayed wound healing more persistently. If you’re noticing problems with healing wounds in or around your mouth, it’s best to search for a “Calgary dentist near me” to find help.

Increased Risk of Oral Thrush

As a diabetic, you’re more susceptible to infections. Due to this, a yeast infection known as oral thrush (candidiasis) is common in people with diabetes. A layer of white yeast may coat the inside of your cheeks and the tongue, which is created by the higher sugar content in your saliva. Search for a “Calgary dentist near me” if you think you might be suffering from oral thrush.

Look no further for a “Calgary Dentist Near Me”

If you’ve been experiencing trouble with your oral health and find yourself consistently searching for a “Calgary Dentist near me” to find help, look no further. Our dentists at Inglewood Family Dental are equipped to help you with oral symptoms associated with your diabetes.

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