Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are often a sign of gingivitis or gum disease caused by inadequate brushing or flossing. Watch this video by dedicated Calgary dentist Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh as he explains what causes bleeding gums and what steps you can take to protect against gum disease and gingivitis.

A lot of patients wonder what is causing their bleeding gums, and it’s not something you should ignore. Basically, the answer is plaque buildup or inadequate plaque removal. What happens is when you eat food, there’s plaque that forms on your teeth and this plaque causes your body to trigger an immune response. This immune response causes inflammation, inflammation causes bleeding, and that’s when you start seeing the red gums, swelling and bleeding.

The first step of this cycle is called gingivitis. This is the reversible stage of the bleeding gums and it’s the stage where it hasn’t led to bone and gum loss yet. The following stage would be periodontitis, and that’s where you start seeing some irreversible damage – recession of the gums, recession of the bone. A lot of times people develop loose teeth and various gum infections at that stage. It can also lead to bad breath. It can lead to changing your taste.

Furthermore, it is closely correlated with diabetes control. It increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and studies even show some cancers as well. Bleeding gums is definitely something to be concerned about if you have it, and there are definitely ways to address it.

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