What Your Tongue Says About Your Health, and How Calgary Dental Treatment Can Help

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Find Out What Your Tongue Says About Your Health, and How Calgary Dental Treatment Can Help

Most people don’t consider how important their tongues are, and how much they can actually indicate about your health. Of course, our tongues are critical for allowing us to speak, taste, and swallow food. But did you know that your tongue actually tells your Calgary dentist a lot about your oral and overall health? Yes, our tongues can give dentists clues as to what Calgary dental treatment might be required, and if there’s anything more serious going on.

What Your Tongue Can Say About Your Health

A White Coating

Surprise surprise, pink is the color of a healthy tongue! Yes, it sounds obvious, but a lot of health issues cause our tongues to go a different color. If you notice a white coating on your tongue, it could be due to oral thrush, a yeast overgrowth in the oral cavity. If you have a white tongue, but the white goes away after brushing your tongue, that’s not a problem. But a consistently white coating on your tongue that stays put after brushing is a sign of a bigger problem.

White Patches on Tongue and Calgary Dental Treatment

White patches on your tongue are a sign of something a bit dire going on in your mouth. Smoking and tobacco use can cause leukoplakia. This is a condition that can occur due to irritation of the tongue. If you notice white patches on your tongue, ask your dentist to take a look during your next Calgary dental treatment.

A Tongue That is Overly Red in Color

A white coating or patches on your tongue is a sign of a problem, as we’ve discussed, but so is a tongue that’s overly red in color. Kawasaki disease can cause an overly red tongue, but can also be caused by a vitamin deficiency, such as a lack of folic acid or B12.

Hairy Tongue

A hairy tongue doesn’t sound pleasant, and it certainly isn’t something that should be ignored. Protein build-up on the tongue can result in the appearance of bumps on the tongue that become elongated and resemble strands of hair.  Sounds pretty disgusting, right? If the problem persists after brushing or scraping your tongue, you should make an appointment with your dentist and ask them to check your tongue during your next Calgary dental treatment.

A Sore or Tender Tongue and Calgary Dental Treatment

Your tongue shouldn’t be too sensitive or tender. Not only is it uncomfortable and annoying, but it’s also a sign that you may have a food allergy or a developing canker sore. Food allergies can cause your tongue to feel tender, or even cause an aching sensation, particularly after consuming the allergen. A canker sore might cause a painful spot or area on the tongue.

If you feel like you need Calgary dental treatment, contact your Calgary dentist today. And while you’re at the dentist, they’ll be able to take a look at your tongue to ensure that you don’t have any serious issues with your health going on.

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