Tips To Help Your Child Feel Comfortable from a Family Dentist in Inglewood

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Tips To Help Your Child Feel Comfortable from a Family Dentist in Inglewood

Dentists offices can be an intimidating place for children, particularly since it’s an unfamiliar environment. It’s critical that you ensure your child has a positive experience when they visit the dentist, especially at a young age. Unfortunately, surveys have shown that 16% of school-age children are afraid of their dentist. By taking your child to a Family Dentist in Inglewood and showing them there isn’t anything to worry about, you can prevent lifelong anxiety and fear associated with dentist visits. To ensure that your child has a great first dental experience, you must choose a dentist who is experienced, understanding, friendly, and is knowledgeable in how to make sure they have an enjoyable appointment.

Find a Family Dentist in Inglewood That You Can Go To For a Long Time

It is important to choose a dentist you will continue to see throughout your child’s childhood. This will help them to establish a relationship where they feel comfortable and at ease. A family dentist in Inglewood is often used to seeing families for multiple generations. Finding a dentist that your child can stick with will also help them to maintain their oral health into adulthood.

Make Sure They Know What To Expect

Communication is a key aspect of preparing your child for their first dental appointment. So you know what to tell your child, a family dentist in Inglewood will typically give advice on how to brush and floss during early appointments, which are usually short and simple. A good dentist will slowly ease your child into receiving preventative treatment, such as dental sealants, professional cleanings, and comprehensive examinations.

Teach Them How To Care For Their Teeth At Home

The dental professionals at a family dentist in Inglewood are experienced in teaching young children about the importance of good oral health at home. But before your child starts to attend their dentist, the task is on you to make sure they know the basics of caring for their teeth. You can help your child have a positive first experience with their dentist if you teach them the importance of taking care of their smile from a young age. What’s more, it will help to keep their teeth and mouth in good condition from a young age so they won’t have to experience any daunting oral procedures early on.

Make Sure You Choose a Family Dentist in Inglewood That Offers Emergency Care

A family dentist who offers emergency care should be a priority when selecting a dentist.  You can then take your child to a familiar environment and a person they trust if they accidentally injure their mouth or teeth. Oral injuries are common in children, let’s face it, they can be very accident prone! Children are also especially susceptible to experiencing trauma when an emergency happens, so being able to take them to a family dentist they’re familiar with can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

In order to maintain beautiful and healthy smiles for the rest of their lives, fun and enjoyable introduction to their dental hygiene is critical for children. Many adults experience anxiety and fear of the dentist that stems from bad childhood dentist visits. Help to reduce the chances of this happening to your child by choosing a professional and friendly family dentist in Inglewood.

 Family Dentist in Inglewood That Works Around Your Schedule

With busy family schedules, having to make separate appointments at separate locations and dental offices can be difficult. Inglewood Family Dental in Calgary allows you to make appointments for everyone in your family, from toddlers to elderly parents. In many cases, appointments can be made on the same day for everyone in your household. Family dental practices also know how busy schedules can be and often offer after hour care. In this case, you can make appointments for evening or weekend hours to go around work and school schedules.

The goal of family dentistry is to address all your dental concerns under one roof and make your family’s dental experience much easier, from care to convenience and flexibility. If you are needing to find a new family dentist in Inglewood, or like the idea of one-stop dentistry, consider Inglewood Family Dental in Calgary and call to arrange your consultation. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family. We are respectful of our patient’s needs and offer all our services and treatments in a non-pressured environment.

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