Calgary Dentist Providing Emergency Dental Care in Calgary

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Emergency Dental Care in Calgary | Inglewood Family Dental | Dentist

Calgary Dentist Providing Emergency Dental Care in Calgary

Unlike most medical emergencies, many people don’t know how to properly respond to a dental emergency. But throughout life, we’re often exposed to a wide range of situations that can be risky and potentially cause an emergency trip to the dentist. Fortunately, emergency dental care in Calgary is widely available. That being said, there are often a number of steps that you need to take before you even get to a dentist who can help you if you’ve experienced a dental emergency. You need to know how to properly deal with an urgent dental dilemma before you seek emergency dental care in Calgary.

What To Do If You Lose a Tooth

Children lose teeth all the time, but if you’re an adult, it’s generally not good news. It’s probably also going to hurt, a lot. A tooth that has become completely dislodged or is even just a bit loose is an emergency dental situation. There are no two ways about it, a missing tooth is very serious and needs to be handled immediately.

If you’ve knocked out a tooth entirely you need to seek emergency dental care in Calgary. But first, try to gently place it back into the socket. If you are unable to do this then soak the tooth in a cup of salt water or milk and then get yourself to a dentist immediately.

For Broken Teeth Try Cold Therapy And Seek Emergency Dental Care in Calgary

So, you haven’t completely knocked your tooth out of the socket (luckily) but you’ve managed to chip it or break it. Even though this isn’t quite as urgent as a tooth that’s completely gone, it is still an emergency dental situation. Chipped or broken teeth are an aesthetic problem, but much more importantly they can lead to serious infections if not treated efficiently and quickly.

In the situation that you do break a tooth try and retrieve all the pieces, if possible, and rinse your mouth out thoroughly to stop any bleeding. Chipped teeth will probably hurt, so you’ll want to seek emergency dental care in Calgary as quickly as you can. If you’re not able to get to a dentist right away cold therapy can help to alleviate some of the pain. Gently apply a cold press around the mouth and then make your way to a dentist as soon as you can.

Stay Clear Of Sharp Toothpicks

Sometimes things get stuck in our teeth, which can be very irritating but also quite painful. When this occurs, many people’s instinct is to use something to poke the stuck object out, and often they reach for something sharp like a needle. Yes, we have all had popcorn trapped in our teeth, and yes it’s annoying but whatever you don’t try and remove it with something sharp. You could end up poking or scratching your gums, which could actually lead to a serious infection. Try using dental floss, and if that doesn’t work, make your way to a Calgary dentist as soon as you can.

Why You Need To Deal With a Dental Emergency Quickly

So, now you have a rough idea of what to do if you experience a dental emergency, but maybe you don’t understand why these situations are so urgent. Firstly, promptly seeking emergency dental care in Calgary could end up saving your teeth. Injuries that leave teeth broken, chipped, or even totally missing could actually lead you to permanent tooth loss if not dealt with immediately. If you lose your teeth it’s not going to be pleasant and you’ll probably have to deal with dental implants or dentures. Seeking emergency dental care in Calgary as quickly as you possibly can in these situations could seriously improve your chances of saving your teeth.

Remember, if you chip or knock out a tooth, keep the tooth or the tooth fragments that you find and bring them to the dentist with you. Seeking dental care quickly in an emergency is most people’s reaction, primarily because they are in a lot of pain. Knocking a tooth clean out of the socket is going to hurt, so most people will rush to a dentist as quickly as they can in this situation. But if you don’t go immediately and you wait too long the pain is probably only going to get worse.

Lastly, you need to deal with dental emergencies quickly to reduce the risk of infections. Pain is one thing when it’s acute, but if a dental emergency leads to an infection, it can be extremely concerning. It’s also going to hurt for a lot longer. Infection can occur as the result of any type of traumatic injury and a dental emergency is no exception to that rule. Infections in your mouth can also spread to other areas of the body very rapidly if not treated by a Calgary dentist, which could ultimately lead to even more serious health problems. Visiting an emergency dentist in Calgary can help you to reduce the risk of infections that could lead to something more dire.

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