Why Pick Amalgam Free Dentistry?

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why pick amalgam free dentistry

We understand when you make choices for your health. You might work out regularly to keep your body running well. You might avoid smoking or alcohol to keep yourself away from toxins. Every day people make choices to keep themselves healthier. When you are looking for a way to get dental work that does not pose a threat to your health, you may be searching for amalgam free dentistry. Please keep reading to learn more about this and how we can accommodate your concerns. Then give us a call to set up a free consultation with our Calgary dentist.

What is Amalgam?

Amalgam, in reference to dental work, is a mixture of metals that contains mercury. It is believed that the use of amalgam was traced back to as early as 618 AD in China during the Tang Dynasty. Despite this material has been around for centuries, to this day it still contains mercury. As you have likely heard, mercury poses a health risk. Studies have been done to show that mercury can increase toxicity in your body.

Amalgam has been used for dental work such as fillings for many years. It has been used to cover cavities and chipped teeth to prevent any further deterioration. Many metal fillings that you may have received in the past are likely amalgam.

While you want to be able to receive the needed dental care to take care of your teeth, you want to avoid something that could cause toxicity in your body. We want you to know that we take your search for amalgam free dentistry seriously.

What are the Risks of Amalgam?

The FDA and the ADA remain that amalgam is a safe option for dental work. There has since been a lot of discord among healthcare professionals about whether it is a risk for their patients. Some dental practitioners continue to use it regularly. Others have begun to transition away from the material and have started to only use a resin material for restorative dentistry.

Aside from the fact that using amalgam would mean that you have a mercury metal mixture in your mouth, it is also very visibly apparent that you have had dental work done. It also can make your teeth more sensitive to hot and cold. Metal is prone to absorbing hot or cold.

For you, the choice might be simple. You have come looking for amalgam-free dentistry because you want to avoid the potential risks of having a mercury metal mixture in your mouth. We completely understand and respect the choices that you make for your own body.

We offer restorative dentistry with composite bonding resin or porcelain alternatives to amalgam. We provide porcelain veneers, ceramic or porcelain crowns, composite dental bonding, and other alternatives for you to get the treatment you need without having amalgam used.

Call Our Calgary Dentist Today

If you are looking for a dentist who can provide you with the care you need but has options besides amalgam, please reach out to our office today. You can set up a free consultation with our Calgary dentist to talk about what treatment you need, the amalgam-free options we have, and when we can get you out of the office feeling better knowing you have made the right decision for yourself.