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What You Should Know About Calgary Teeth Whitening | Calgary Dentist

Getting your teeth whitened is a great way to refresh your smile and make your teeth look clean and bright. In today’s world where people are constantly taking photos, video chatting, and appearing on camera it’s important to make sure that your teeth are clean and white at all times. Teeth whitening can dramatically change your smile and appearance. It’s also more affordable than most people think. Some dental practices that specialize in Calgary teeth whitening also offer payment plans to make whitening more affordable for those on a budget. Before you schedule an appointment for Calgary teeth whitening there are a few things that you should know:

Dull Teeth Are A Very Common Problem

Dull or discolored teeth are common and most adults could use professional teeth whitening at some point in their lives. Teeth become dull over time because of the foods and drinks that you have every day. Coffee, tea, wine, and other foods and drinks that you have often can cause your teeth to look dirty or discolored. Some medications can also cause your teeth to look dull or discolored. Professional whitening will get rid of those built up stains and make your teeth look clean and white again.

Professional Whitening Is Not Bad For Your Teeth : Know About Calgary Teeth Whitening

There’s a lot of misinformation online about professional whitening. When whitening is done by a trained Calgary dentist who has professional grade tools it is totally safe for your teeth. The only time that tooth whitening is dangerous for your teeth is when it’s done at home with products that weren’t created for professional use.

There may be some things that you can do at home, like dye your hair, but whitening your teeth isn’t one of those things. It’s very important that you have whitening done by a trained Calgary dentist that has the expertise and professional products necessary to safely whiten teeth without damage. When it’s done professionally whitening will not hurt your teeth or cause permanent damage.

Regular Dental Care Is Still Important

Getting your teeth whitened is a great way to amp up your smile but it’s not a substitute for good regular dental care.  You should still have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year and have regular dental checkups done. When combined with regular dental care and cleanings professional tooth whitening will give your appearance a boost and make your smile look even better. So don’t skip your regular dental appointments just because you’re getting whitening done. You need both regular care and whitening to get the best possible smile.

Deep Stains Take Time To Remove Totally

If you have deep stains on your teeth that have been there for a long time, like discolorations caused by medication or injury to the teeth don’t expect that one session of whitening will eliminate the problem.

It’s very common for people to need multiple whitening sessions to get rid of old or very severe stains on the teeth. When you’re budgeting for professional Calgary teeth whitening make sure that you budget for a few extra sessions if your teeth are especially stained or discolored.

Some Sensitivity Is Normal : Know More About Calgary Teeth Whitening

After you have professional whitening done it’s very common to develop some tooth sensitivity. When the teeth are whitened the outer layer of the tooth is essentially removed to reveal brighter teeth. That can cause some superficial sensitivity in your teeth even if you haven’t had sensitive death before.

The sensitivity should lessen and disappear. If a few weeks has gone by and your teeth are still very sensitive or if you have pain and sensitivity then you should call the dentist to have your teeth checked.

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