What is a nightguard?

Are you suffering discomfort from grinding your teeth at night? A nightguard may be appropriate when you are trying to avoid headaches, jaw pain, and damage to your teeth from teeth grinding. Keep watching this video by our Calgary dentist Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh to learn more about them.

Nightguards are something that we provide at Inglewood Family Dental. Nightguards can potentially be appropriate for you if you’re grinding your teeth. It’s a little piece of plastic that goes over your teeth, and it helps if people are grinding at night time to prevent the wear of the teeth.

The procedure of getting a nightguard starts with an exam. We identify and diagnose if it would be an appropriate treatment option for you. We will talk about the benefits and the downsides of wearing a nightguard, we will check your bite, and then decide what type of night guard is best for you.

Fairly often at this clinic, we make a night guard for the bottom jaw, because a lot of people find it more comfortable.

After we’ve determined that the nightguard is an appropriate treatment option for you, we make sure that all the restorative work has been treated and that it’s completed before we take impressions for the night guard at our office. We take digital impressions that get sent to a lab. They do make a 3D model of your tooth in the lab, and then they fabricate the nightguard. You come back at another appointment, and at that point, will try it on. We check your bite, we make sure everything’s fitting well.

Generally, depending on the type of nightguard we make, we do want to follow up with you as well to make sure that everything is going well and that your teeth are responding well.

Nightguard can prevent serious damage to your teeth. If you need to be fitted for a nightguard or want to learn more about them, please call us right away. We’d be glad to discuss this further during a consultation.