What are Therapeutic Reasons for Botox?

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Therapeutic Botox

Did you know that Botox can also be used for therapeutic purposes, in addition to cosmetic ones? It helps reduce frown lines, smooth out crow’s feet, and eliminate forehead wrinkles. This process is referred to as therapeutic Botox. 

What is Therapeutic Botox?

You might be surprised to learn that botox in Calgary can be used for medical purposes as well as cosmetic ones. It can be used to help with migraines, headaches, muscle tension, and pain.

The most common cosmetic process is Botox, which is extremely popular. Every year, more than seven million Botox operations are performed, and both men and women have utilized it to achieve their ideal appearance. However, a lot of other ailments, such as muscle discomfort and migraines, are being treated with Botox as well. Today we will discuss the distinctions between therapeutic Botox and cosmetic Botox as well as inform you of all the advantages of therapeutic Botox. 

What is Cosmetic Botox Used for?

Cosmetic Botox is used to treat a number of issues with the face, such as the following:

  • Forehead furrows
  • Anger lines
  • Birds’ feet
  • Smile lines

Overall, the serum works by calming the muscles and erasing facial wrinkles.

What is Therapeutic Botox Used For?

Therapeutic Botox is used to treat medical issues compared to aesthetic ones. Reasons to get Calgary therapeutic botox include:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • A sore neck
  • Tooth gnashing
  • Clenching of jaw
  • Painful trigger points in muscles
  • Backache and shoulder pain
  • Spasms of muscles
  • Excessive perspiration

Botox helps to relieve pain or other symptoms of the aforementioned illnesses by relaxing your muscles or by lowering glandular or nerve activity. 

The Process

Botox works by inhibiting or reducing the activity of the body’s muscles, nerves, or glands in the area being treated. You will gradually have fewer wrinkles as a result of the muscles’ deterioration, which helps prevent deep crease-causing facial expressions. Reduced muscular activity can treat a variety of conditions, including jaw clenching, shoulder and back discomfort, and muscle spasms. When treating persistent migraines, reduced nerve activity is especially beneficial since it limits the transmission of pain signals to the head and neck regions that are being treated. 

In terms of decreased glandular activity, Botox is particularly useful in lowering sweat production in the treated area without altering overall body sweating, which is necessary for ideal temperature management. Botox can be used to treat medical conditions as well as to improve appearance. Both therapeutic and cosmetic Botox treatments function in the same way, but the results achieved depend on where they are applied. 

Are Cosmetic Botox and Therapeutic Botox Treatments Different?

The treatment is very similar, whether you are having cosmetic or therapeutic botox.

Even though therapeutic Botox is often covered in some areas by the majority of third-party health insurance suppliers, you will go through a very thorough exam to confirm that all of your needs are met and your budget can hold up your procedure. After the Botox is injected into the proper region by a Calgary dentist, you may begin to notice or feel the therapeutic effects as soon as 2-3 days; however, the full effect may take up to 2 weeks to appear.

How Long Does Botox Last?

The full duration of Botox therapy varies from person to person, but generally speaking, depending on how it is used, the therapeutic effects last between three and six months.

It’s vital to keep in mind that a single Botox injection won’t last your entire life, so you’ll need to receive more from a dentist near you if you want to continue getting the benefits.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Botox has relatively few and extremely infrequent side effects when taken therapeutically, although some examples could include:

  • Neighboring muscles temporarily weakened
  • Sagging eyelids 
  • Facial inequity
  • Small bruise where the injection was made.
  • Mouth aches

The negative effects of Botox injections can vary depending on the injection site, but they are extremely rare and short-lived.

Considerations for Choosing Therapeutic or Cosmetic Botox

More information regarding how our therapeutic Botox services can lessen your discomfort can be gathered by talking to the team right here at our local dental practice. Give us a call if this sounds like the best course of action for you. You will be guided through the process of booking an appointment, cost, and your treatment plan. In little time at all, you’ll experience the fantastic benefits of therapeutic Botox.

See you soon!