Calgary Dentist: Tips on How To Help Children Deal with Dental Anxiety

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Tips on How To Help Children Deal with Dental Anxiety

Did you know that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children and adolescents? In fact, 1 out of 5 children aged 5 to 11 years have at least one untreated decayed tooth. The reason being that some low-income families couldn’t afford to have their kids treated and have their dental needs met by a Calgary dentist. Research shows that children from low-income families are twice as likely to have cavities compared to children from higher-income families.

However, aside from that, there is also another reason why children usually don’t have their cavities treated and that is the presence of dental anxiety. Dental anxiety in children prevents them from having their teeth treated by the best dentist in Calgary because their ‘dentophobia’ or fear of the dentist outweighs their tooth pain.

We believe that parents and guardians could and should help children deal with their dental anxiety. Below are some Calgary dentist tips on how you can manage to help your children deal with their dental anxiety:

Desensitize children by exposing them to the aspect of dentistry gradually and by introducing positive images of dentistry in Calgary to them.

  • One way to expose them to dentistry early on is to schedule visitations or appointments before the treatment so that children can familiarize themselves with the dental equipment and tools and the overall office setting and atmosphere. Inglewood Family Dental works with children to help make their dental experience as comfortable as possible.

  • Also, you can show them photographs of children smiling in the dental chair and other positive and age-appropriate images of Calgary dentistry in the waiting room. That way, you can help lessen their anticipatory anxiety.

Try to teach your children some relaxation techniques before they go through their appointment with a Calgary dentist.

  • Relaxation techniques like deep-breathing exercises are important because they help slow down the body’s physical reaction to anxiety. Parents can ask the kids to either do simple deep-breathing exercises of progressive muscle relaxations (involves child tensing and relaxing manner) before their appointment with an affordable dentist in Calgary. If you are not familiar with any of these exercises, you can always ask a dental professional to assist you. Our team is well-trained when it comes to these situations.

Be an involved role model when your child experiences Children’s dentistry in Calgary

  • Children usually take after their parents and are influenced by their environment. Parents need to act as good role models for their children. In the context of dental anxiety in children, aside from it being due to their own bad dental experiences, it sometimes also stems from them experiencing their parents’ own dental anxiety. As a parent, your job is to encourage them and talk them through it. It is integral that you actually explain the procedure of Children’s dentistry to them for them to be more open-minded and prepared.

Consult an affordable dentist in Calgary

  • Dental professionals at Inglewood Family Dental are well-trained and well-informed when it comes to dealing with children’s dental anxiety. We use different methods, as well as sedation dentistry in Calgary, that can help calm children’s nerves and anxiety. One method that is pretty common among toddlers is the lap-to-lap technique. Basically, your child’s head will be situated on the dentist’s lap while the rest will lay on your lap looking towards you. This is commonly done during examinations to ease their anxiety and to establish trust with the dentist through your positive reinforcement.

Dealing with your child’s dental anxiety can be an uneasy and exhausting experience for both parties. That is why Inglewood Family Dental offers individualized treatment options for kids’ dentistry. We want your child to have a positive and comfortable dental experience where they can become less afraid of having their dental needs met.

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