Tips for Preventing and Treating Cavities

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Tips for Preventing and Treating Cavities

Although you are aware that sugary meals and drinks can lead to cavities, many of us still have a significant sweet tooth. But just because you enjoy sweets doesn’t mean you should tolerate having numerous cavities and needing replacement fillings every six months. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to lessen your future risk of tooth decay.

Described in detail below are some great strategies that can help prevent cavities from harming your smile. And, if you still have further questions, contact our dentist in SE Calgary. 

Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene

When sugar and the bacteria in your mouth interact, an acid that erodes enamel is created, causing damage to your teeth and gums. Consequently, establishing a consistent brushing and flossing practice should be your top concern. In addition to brushing and flossing every morning and evening, think about carrying a dental kit, including a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. In this manner, you can maintain spotless teeth while on the run!

Mindful Diet Choices

If you have a sweet tooth, you probably enjoy chocolate, candies, and other delectable delicacies on a regular basis. Try to reduce your sugar intake by choosing healthier alternatives, as quitting that behavior abruptly rarely works. Choose a bag of chocolate-covered almonds instead of a chocolate bar. Choose pure carbonated water instead of a cool glass of soda. Although they may appear insignificant, these changes can significantly enhance your oral health.

It’s crucial to practice appropriate oral hygiene practices, even if you have a sweet taste. Use the advice above to prevent your teeth from needing expensive restorative dental care.

Fluoride Protection

Fluoride is crucial for enamel remineralization and cavity prevention. You can get fluoride in toothpaste, and you can also ask your Calgary dentist for any recommendations they have. Many studies have been conducted to demonstrate that using fluoride toothpaste to clean your teeth two times a day can prevent cavities.

Regular Dental Visits

Patients all too frequently see their regular dental treatments as optional. They actually play a crucial role in your dental hygiene routine. Not only can the examination phase identify problems in their early stages, but expert cleaning also helps to get rid of tartar buildup, prevent decay, and clean parts of the mouth that are difficult to reach. So be sure to give your twice-yearly trip to the dentist top priority for teeth cleanings near you.

Choose Healthier Options

Reduce the amount of sugar you consume. Choosing only your preferred snacks is one way to achieve this. Wait till you can have the dessert you prefer more if there are cookies at work, but you know you have your favorite ice cream at home. By doing this, you’ll be able to decrease the harm caused by your sweet craving without having to give up desserts entirely.

You can protect your smile from your sweet craving in a number of ways. You can avoid cavities and maintain the strength and health of your smile with the help of a dental checkup near you!

Brush Your Teeth After Consuming Sugary Treats 

Too soon after eating an acidic or sugary meal, brushing your teeth might harm the enamel. Acids that stay in your mouth after eating erode your enamel. Your teeth will be worn down by the acids if you brush right away. Wait at least 30 minutes for some of the acids to be displaced by saliva. If you can’t brush for 30 minutes after, brush your teeth first before eating anything sweet or acidic, and follow it up with a glass of water.

Book Your Next Appointment Today

Reach out to our dentist near you to learn some of the benefits of entrusting us with your smile. Dental cleanings and exams, which you can book on our website or by calling, will help you manage your sweet tooth and prevent cavities. To schedule a checkup, book your appointment here at our Inglewood dental clinic.

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Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh is a skilled Calgary dentist passionate about oral health. Graduating from the University of Alberta, he brings advanced dental knowledge to Inglewood Family Dental. Dedicated to patient care, Dr. Arash also volunteers his time on dental missions, improving oral health globally.