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Sports Mouth Guards FAQ's | Dental Mouthguards for Athletes in Calgary

Sports mouth guards are required for a wide variety of school and league sports so if your child is an athlete you may need to get a high quality mouth guard for your child. Sports mouth guards that are custom fitted by a dentist are much better quality and offer better protection than mouth guards that you purchase at a store. Store bought mouthguards aren’t custom fitted and don’t offer the same level of protection as dentist fitted sports mouth guards. At Inglewood Family Dental we offer consultations so bring your child in and can tell you more about the benefits of a custom sports mouth guard. Calgary dentist Arash Ravanbakhsh answers some of the most common questions that parents have about custom mouth guards below:

Why Does My Child Need A Sports Mouth Guard?

Sports mouth guards are strongly recommended for most sports because they can significantly lower the risk of dental injuries or broken teeth that can happen during sports games. Sports mouth guards are recommended for adults and children but wearing a mouthguard is often required by schools or leagues.

Dental injuries in children can cause serious and expensive injuries that may impact them throughout their life. Usually children will need a new mouth guard at least once a year because of the changes to their teeth and mouth as they grow, but they may need sports mouth guards more frequently if they play multiple sports throughout the year. Mouth guards prevent broken or damaged teeth, gum damage, tongue injuries, and teeth getting knocked out or loosened.

How Are They Made?

There are two primary types of mouth guards designed for sports.

The first type is the one available in most sporting goods stores or box stores. This kind is mass produced and sold. Parents need to boil this type of mouth guard and have their child bite down on it while it’s hot to have to conform to the child’s mouth. These types of mouthguards are easy to find and not that expensive, but they don’t provide a lot of protection. They are hard to fit and they often lose their shape or come loose which means that your child’s teeth aren’t as protected as they could be.

The second type of mouthguard is one that is made from high density plastic and fitted by a dentist. Your child will need a dental appoint where the dentist will make a mold of your child’s mouth that will be used to create a custom fit mouth guard designed specifically for your child. Once the mouth guard is ready the child will need another appointment with the dentist and the dentist will make sure that the mouth guard fits correctly and is offering the best possible protection.

Why Are Custom Mouth Guards More Expensive Than Store Bought Mouth Guards?

Custom played sports mouth guards are more expensive than the ones you can buy in stores. However, they provide much better protection and last much longer than the mouth guards you can get in stores. If your child plays a high collision sport, or if your child plays multiple sports throughout the year then buying a custom fit mouth guard is a smart investment.

What Sports Require A Mouth Guard?

Experts say that children who play most sports should wear a mouth guard but they are most often required for collision sports like: football, soccer, rugby, hockey, basketball, baseball, wrestling, martial arts, and handball. Non-collision sports that often require or suggest that children wear a mouthguard include sports like: equestrian sports, gymnastics, skating, volleyball, racquetball, skiing, squash, and bicycling.

If you or someone you love is considering sports mouth guards, contact our Calgary dentist to arrange a consultation. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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