Sedation Options

Calgary Dentist Discusses Sedation Options

At Inglewood Family Dental, we understand that many people are scared, or nervous when coming to the dentist. That’s why we provide several sedation options to help decrease your anxiety. Watch this video by Calgary dentist Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh, as he explains sedation dentistry and the types of sedation options we offer.

A lot of times we see patients that have had really bad previous dental experiences or they generally have some phobias in relation to dental treatment, and despite their best efforts, they’re still not able to get over it. They often inquire if sedation is available as a treatment modality. Here at Inglewood Family Dental, we do offer several sedation options.

One of the sedation options is nitrous gas, which is one of the safest forms of sedation that we offer. It’s a gas that you inhale and for a lot of people causes a decrease in anxiety, a feeling of lightheadedness and calmness. Another added benefit is in some patients, it actually reduces the gag reflex, so some people actually find it beneficial in that sense. The other option we have is oral sedation, and that’s the pill you take about an hour before the procedure starts. Again, it does offer, in most people, some decrease in apprehension and just being a little bit calmer for the duration of the procedure. We can also mix the oral and nitrous together if people require that as well.

Sedation dentistry is typically reserved for patients that suffer from dental fear and anxiety, though there are other times when sedation is considered and used. If you suffer from a low pain threshold, sometimes minimal sedation can help the dentist complete a procedure. For children or adults that are unable to sit still in a dental chair, mild sedation can relax them enough for the dentist to do what he needs to do. If a patient has extremely sensitive teeth or a strong gag reflex, sedation can make the dental procedure easier on both the patient and the dentist. If you are needing a large amount of dental work, often sedation is used to make it easier for you to undergo the treatments.

Are you or a loved one afraid or anxious about going to the dentist? Contact Inglewood Family Dental to arrange your consultation and learn about our sedation options to help put you at ease. We look forward to putting a smile on your face!

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