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Sedation Dentist in Calgary Explains The Types of Sedation Dentistry and How They Can Help

The dentist’s office can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for many. But beyond just feeling a bit worried, there are a huge number of Canadians who are so afraid of the dentist that they don’t go at all. In fact, research indicates
that 5.5% of Canadians have a high level of fear when it comes to the dentist, and 7.6% state fear or anxiety as the reason for missing or canceling appointments. The fear of having to go to the dentist, no matter what the cause may be, is genuine and is often difficult to overcome. Fortunately, keeping calm and relaxed during dental visits can be achieved with Sedation Dentistry in Calgary. A sedation dentist in Calgary uses medications to make a patient relaxed during a dental procedure.

Levels of Sedation And Sedation Dentist in Calgary

There are different types of sedation available when you visit a Sedation Dentist in Calgary. In order to determine which level of sedation might be the best fit for you, it’s helpful to know what your options are.

  • Minimal Sedation– With this type of sedation, you remain awake and coherent but will feel relaxed.
  • Moderate Sedation– Patients who undergo moderate sedation are coherent but may have trouble speaking, such as slurring words. You may also find that you don’t have much memory of the procedure.
  • Deep Sedation– This type of sedation causes patients to barely be aware of what is happening, if at all. You are on the verge of consciousness but can be awakened.
  • General Anesthesia– Patients are completely unconscious.

What Different Types of Sedation Are There?

A Sedation Dentist in Calgary may offer several different types of sedation. Your dentist will discuss your fears and concerns to help decide what type of sedation is best for you.

Inhaled Sedation

A mask placed over your nose will allow you to breathe in a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”). The levels can be controlled but the dentist and you can be clearly communicated with. This is a very common form of mild sedation.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation will usually require the patient to take a pill about an hour prior to the start of the procedure. This pill is somewhat similar to Valium. You may feel drowsy but will remain awake for the procedure. The dosage may be increased if the dentist feels that you need a more moderate level of sedation.

IV Sedation

With IV sedation, a Sedation Dentist in Calgary will administer the sedative drug through an IV that is inserted into your vein. Again, dentists can adjust the level of sedation according to patient needs.

General Anesthesia

Just as with other surgical procedures you might undergo, general anesthesia puts you completely to sleep!

Is Sedation Right For You? Explained by Sedation Dentist in Calgary

Not everyone is a candidate for sedation dentistry. The best candidates are those who have severe anxiety or fear of visiting the dentist. Individuals with the following characteristics may benefit from visiting a Sedation Dentist in Calgary:

  • Low pain threshold
  • A significant, uncontrollable gag reflex
  • Extreme trouble sitting still in the dentist’s chair
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Those who need to undergo a significant amount of dental work.

A good Sedation Dentist in Calgary will be able to thoroughly discuss your concerns and come up with a viable solution that allows you to undergo the dental work you need. If you think that sedation is something you might benefit from, speak with your dentist today.

While sedation dentistry relaxes the body and helps deal with anxiety, local anesthesia is still used with most dental procedures. Local anesthesia is the numbing agent injected into the gums to numb the tissue and reduce pain during the procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about sedation dentistry to see if it is right for you, contact us at (403) 265-5888 to request your sedation dentistry consultation at Inglewood Family Dental today!

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