Root Canal Treatment and Prevention

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root canal treatment and prevention

Root canals are needed for restorative dental work on someone’s teeth when they are experiencing the decay of their teeth. We know that this can be nerve-wracking for some people because they have heard that getting a root canal is uncomfortable. Please know that our Calgary dentist is going to make this as comfortable of treatment as possible.

When you need restorative dental work, please call us right away. We would be more than happy to get you on our appointment book right away.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

You will need treatment if the pulp of your tooth has become inflamed from an injury or infection. There are several ways you might have gotten to this point. Primarily, this is because of oral hygiene issues. When you have cavities on the tooth and have had treatment already on it, you are more likely to end up needing root canals in the future.

Sometimes trauma to your teeth can result in you injuring the pulp of your tooth. If you grind your teeth, you can weaken your tooth structure and that eventually can lead to it cracking. When a tooth cracks, the pulp of your tooth is susceptible to infection.

Prevent Another Root Canal

Taking special care of your teeth is important in the prevention of needing root canals in the future. If you grind your teeth at night, getting a nightguard is going to help you prevent making more damage to your teeth.

We strongly recommend that you come in to see the dentist regularly to do a cleaning and check-up to catch issues before they become too serious. When you have prevention care implemented in your routine, you are likely going to be able to avoid repeat root canals.

Call Our Calgary Dentist Today

If you need a root canal, please call our Calgary dentist as soon as you can. We want to provide you with the treatment you need. We can get you set up with a consultation as soon as possible when you give us a call today. This is not something you should wait to do. Call the office right away.

About Author

Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh is a skilled Calgary dentist passionate about oral health. Graduating from the University of Alberta, he brings advanced dental knowledge to Inglewood Family Dental. Dedicated to patient care, Dr. Arash also volunteers his time on dental missions, improving oral health globally.