Prevent Cavities: Tips from a Calgary Dentist

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prevent cavities tips from a calgary dentist

With the Holidays in full swing, you may be worried about your dental care routine and if it is good enough to avoid dental issues. Are you looking for ways to prevent cavities? Cavities are unpleasant and no one wants to have to go through extra dental work if they can avoid it.

Our Calgary dentist provides you with tips and information about how to take care of your teeth and avoid discomfort.

What Causes a Cavity?

Cavities are caused by plaque. Plaque is residue on your teeth that can decay and erode your tooth’s enamel and structure. The two food structures that cause plaque on your teeth are starch and sugar which are found in a ton of holiday food.

Sugars and starches will form a layer on your teeth and, when it does not get removed, it can ruin your teeth and cause cavities. To prevent cavities, please keep reading to learn more about what you can do at home.

At Home Care to Prevent Cavities

You have probably been told all your life to brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly. You want to make sure you do these things correctly so that you can get the benefits of it. Neglect of your dental care will likely result in cavities, gum disease, and even tooth extraction.

When brushing your teeth, you should separate your mouth into four quadrants, giving about 30 seconds for each quadrant. You want to make sure that each tooth gets brushed from all angles. A circular motion helps get that job done. An electric tooth is even better.

If your teeth still feel gritty after you brush your teeth, you likely still have residue sitting on your teeth that needs to be removed to prevent cavities.

Flossing correctly can help you avoid getting a cavity as well. Make sure the floss gets onto each side of each tooth. Get behind your last molar as well. That will help get stuck food out of your gum, avoiding gingivitis and gum disease.

See a Dentist Regularly

You should be in to see a dentist at least once a year to get a checkup and a cleaning. Your dentist will be able to fill in the gaps in your dental care. If you already have tartar on your teeth, only a dentist can remove that.

Getting ahead of dental issues will help you prevent cavities. You can treat any cavities if you already have some and then come back regularly to ensure that you do not end up with more.

Call Our Office Today for an Appointment

When you are trying to prevent cavities, it is important to see a Calgary dentist regularly as well as have good oral hygiene at home. If you are looking to set up an appointment or book a consultation, we would be happy to take your call today.