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Oral Hygiene Tips for All Ages Calgary Dentist Schedule an Appointment

A person’s dental care routine will change drastically from childhood to adulthood. Toddlers and seniors have very different dental health concerns. Our Calgary dentist provides oral hygiene tips for all ages. Please keep reading to learn more.

If you would like to schedule a visit for yourself or your child, please do not hesitate to contact our office right away. We would be happy to take your call.

Pediatric Oral Hygiene Tips

Caring for a baby or toddler’s mouth is very different from caring for your own smile. For one, any teeth your baby has will eventually come out to be replaced. We, as adults, don’t have that luxury. However, this is a great time to instill good habits into your child so that they’ll have an excellent dental care routine when they reach adulthood.

You won’t begin to introduce tooth brushing until your child has their first teeth, but to get them used to you taking care of their mouth, you can wipe down their gums with a soft washcloth after they eat.

Once your child has several teeth, you can introduce a toothbrush to their routine. You want to use a soft brush with a small head.

Read the instructions for the recommended amount of toothpaste to use. Typically this will be the size of a grain of rice or pea. You can introduce fluoridated toothpaste around the age of three.

Best Oral Hygiene Practices for Adults

The average adult should try to floss their teeth once a day to eliminate food debris stuck between them. It is ideal to brush your teeth twice a day. Most people brush their teeth after they wake up, then right before bed to remove plaque.

Other oral hygiene tips for plaque prevention include using an antiseptic mouthwash, eating plenty of fiber, reducing sugar and starch intake, and choosing sugarless gum to chew.

Going to see a dentist for checkups, cleanings, and fluoride treatments at least once a year can help you stay on track to keep your smile healthy.

Oral Hygiene Tips for Seniors

Seniors are at an elevated risk for oral health issues such as dry mouth, stomatitis from dentures, root decay, tooth loss, and more. Having a good dental care routine is essential.

Seniors should continue to brush regularly and floss their teeth daily. Plaque is a significant threat to seniors as it can develop quickly and cause gum disease and tooth decay, which accounts for many cases of tooth loss.

You can avoid losing your teeth by brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, flossing, and rinsing your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash at least once a day.

Seeing a dentist once or twice a year is recommended for seniors. Your dentist can keep up with any concerns you are, remove plaque, and treat issues before they become severe.

You might find it challenging to brush your teeth if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel in your hands and wrists. We recommend using an electric toothbrush for patients who have trouble using a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes do the cleaning for you, so you don’t have to manipulate your brush as much.

If you are dedicated to maintaining your oral health in your senior years, you will have a reduced chance of oral health complications.

Visit Our Calgary Dentist

Our Calgary dentist, Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh, can treat dental patients of all ages. Patients at any stage of life could use a refresh on oral hygiene tips. Please schedule a visit to our office today. We can set you up with the proper oral hygiene routine to keep your smile healthy.

We would also be delighted to see your child for their first visit. You can both learn some helpful tips for them to keep those brand new baby teeth healthy.

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Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh is a skilled Calgary dentist passionate about oral health. Graduating from the University of Alberta, he brings advanced dental knowledge to Inglewood Family Dental. Dedicated to patient care, Dr. Arash also volunteers his time on dental missions, improving oral health globally.