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Invisible Aligners - Top Benefits | Invisalign in Calgary | Free Consultation

One of the most significant changes in dental health over the past ten years has been the widespread use of invisible aligners to fix common problems like crooked teeth or overbite. Invisible aligners are becoming more popular than traditional braces because they offer benefits that traditional braces just don’t offer. Traditional braces may be necessary for people who have severe crowding but most people can get the results they want using clear aligners instead of traditional braces. Invisible aligners are the best choice for almost all adults and children because they have benefits that include:

Better Appearance

Invisible aligners are practically undetectable. Unlike traditional wire braces you won’t be stuck with a mouth full of metal that is very noticeable when you speak or smile. That makes clear aligners a fantastic choice for adults who have put off addressing dental needs because they are worried that traditional metal braces are too obvious or that metal braces will have a negative impact on their appearance.

Kids who wear clear aligners face a much lower risk of being bullied or made fun off than they would face if they were wearing traditional braces. Clear aligners eliminate the stigma associated with wearing braces.

Invisible Aligners Are More Comfortable

Invisible aligners are much more comfortable for both adults and children than traditional braces. The aligners shift the spacing of teeth gently over time and don’t need to be tightened like traditional braces.

They also don’t have jagged or rough edges like traditional braces. That means the people wearing them won’t face the additional risk of cutting their mouths or gums, which is a risk that comes with traditional metal braces.

The structure and placement of wire braces increase the risk that anyone wearing them will end up cutting their gums or other parts of their mouth on those wire edges, which can be extremely painful.

Invisible Aligners Allow For Fewer Follow Ups

Wearing traditional braces means lots of visits to the dentist for upkeep and tightening and to be sure that the braces are doing what they are supposed to do. Most of the time people with traditional braces need to visit the dentist at least once a month.

But people who have clear aligners only need follow up visits to the dentist every 6-8 weeks. The invisible aligners are custom fit to each person’s unique mouth so that the aligners always fit great and hold their shape.

Regular checkups are required to check the progress of the strengthening but that’s the only real upkeep that needs to be done.

Easier Dental Hygiene Upkeep

Trying to practice good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly can be a challenge for anyone wearing traditional braces. It can be practically impossible to really clean your teeth when your teeth are encased in metal braces.

Invisible aligners are designed to be easy to remove so you can remove them to brush and floss your teeth the way you would if you weren’t wearing straighteners. That means you can remove the aligners so that you can brush and floss normally, then put them back in. That flexibility makes it much easier to change your smile without having to make big lifestyle changes.

Less Painful : Most Important Benefits Of Invisible Aligners

Probably the biggest benefit of choosing invisible aligners over traditional braces is that clear aligners are less painful to put on. Custom aligners are created just for you in a quick and painless process and once they are custom made you can just slip them on and off. Putting on traditional braces can be very time consuming and painful.

Inglewood Family Dental has years of experience working with both traditional braces and custom invisible aligners. If you’re looking for a Calgary dentist, contact us today and come in for a consultation to find out more about how invisible aligners work and we can help you decide if clear aligners are the right choice for you.

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