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Many people in the world struggle with issues of dental decay or missing teeth. These can be a hassle, as they can prevent you from carrying out typical daily tasks such as eating and speaking properly. If you’re one of the plenty of individuals who is missing teeth or dealing with significant tooth decay, it may be time to consider finding an implant dentist to perform a dental implant today. If you let these issues sit, you can experience many negative outcomes including the growth of harmful bacteria, facial sagging, and an overall lack of self-confidence.

By visiting a dentist and discussing the possibility of a dental implant, you can save your mouth of further oral issues. For more information about what dental implants are and how the process works, read below.

What Dental Implants Are

When you think of a dental implant, it may instill a type of fear of the unknown in you. There is nothing to be wary of with dental implants, though, as they will save you from a lifetime of pain and frustration. Dental implants are faux teeth that are implanted directly into the jawbone. Options for them include either permanent or removable, but most likely, an implant dentist will perform the permanent ones. This is because they will last longer and require less maintenance. Dental implants fill gaps between the teeth and replace severely decayed teeth.

This is necessary because if a decayed tooth or missing tooth stays for too long, bacteria can fester, and facial deformities can form. Regarding the implant, the dental implant strictly refers to the portion that is implanted into your jawbone. The portion that sticks out from your gums is called the abutment, and this is where your custom-made fake tooth will attach. This fake tooth is more commonly known of as a crown. These are molded and colored to fit and blend in with all of your surrounding teeth. This will ensure you won’t be able to tell the tooth isn’t natural!

Benefits of a Dental Implant

As mentioned previously, leaving gaps and decayed teeth in your mouth for too long can lead to various issues. When a dental implant is used, you can experience many positive effects. The first significant advantage of an implant is that it will cause your oral health to increase overall. Because bacteria like to live in nooks and crannies of the mouth, decaying teeth and empty gaps provide this perfect environment. Often times, these are difficult to clean out as well. This bacterium can lead to illness and infection, as well as unhygienic oral conditions. Just by filling the gaps and replacing teeth, you can become much healthier.

A second benefit of dental implants is they can greatly improve your self-confidence. Smiles are known to improve how you feel about yourself around other people, so if you’re able to flash your pearls with confidence, you’re likely to be happier.

Lastly and most importantly, dental implants can improve your daily functions. Typically, those with decayed or missing teeth have trouble eating or drinking normally, and they can even struggle with word pronunciation if the case is severe. When an implant is in place, you can now eat and drink with no pain, as well as speak clearly and freely whenever you’d like. If you want to experience these amazing benefits of dental implants, be sure to visit an implant dentist today!

Finding an Implant Dentist

One of the best ways to increase the way you feel, both physically and mentally, when you have severe dental issues is to get a dental implant. Speaking to your implant dentist about the issues you experience in your daily life, as well as allowing them to fully examine your oral state, can help them identify whether or not you’d benefit from a dental implant. Worried about cost? Inglewood Family Dental follows the 2021 Dental Fee Guide, meaning you’ll never be charged over the governmentally recommended costs. Stop putting your oral and dental health on hold and schedule a consultation today!

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