How should I care for my partial dentures?

At Inglewood Family Dental, we offer partial denture solutions for patients with one or more missing teeth! We are also pleased to offer traditional, immediate, partial dentures, as well as denture relines. If you are missing teeth and have questions about how to care for your partial dentures, watch this video by Calgary dentist Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh.

With partial dentures, you want to make sure that you don’t wear them at nighttime to give your tissues a chance to breathe. Usually, you wear them during the day and take them out at nighttime. You brush them and keep them in a container and you can put them on in the morning.

Every partial denture is different, and the care instructions depend on what type we make for you. But as a whole, you generally don’t want to wear your partial dentures at nighttime.

If you or someone you love need to know more about how to care for partial dentures, please contact us at (403) 265-5888 to schedule your visit with Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh!