How Do I Know If I Need My Tooth Pulled?

If you are experiencing tooth pain, it can be extremely uncomfortable and in some cases debilitating. If you are looking for pain relief from an infected tooth, you may be wondering how to determine if your tooth needs to be pulled. If you need help determining if a tooth extraction is necessary, please watch this video by our Calgary dentist Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh, and then give us a call right away to arrange a consultation. We are proud to offer extended weekend and evening hours for dental emergencies including tooth extractions.

Sometimes people come in wondering if they’re able to keep their tooth or not. Generally, what happens is you come in for an exam where we take some X-rays, check the gums, and test the vitality of the tooth.

We do multiple tests on the tooth, and then we decide what condition it’s in. We’ll give you the options for your treatment and let you know the benefits and the downsides of which treatment you choose. We let our patients have an informed decision on if they want to pull their tooth or not.

If you have tooth pain and want to learn more about tooth extraction and whether or not you need to get your tooth pulled, please give us a call right away. We can help you determine if an extraction is necessary and offer weekend and evening appointments if you are in severe pain and can’t wait.