How A Sedation Dentist Can Help Ease Your Dental Anxiety

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Find Out How a Calgary Sedation Dentist Can Help Ease Your Dental Anxiety

If you get very nervous about dental appointments, it might be time to consider going to a Calgary sedation dentist. Dental anxiety is actually a very common problem, but it can cause issues. It often prevents people from sticking to appointments or regularly visiting their Calgary dentist. To help anxious patients relax during dental treatments, a Calgary sedation dentist will administer sedatives. From simple cleanings to surgical procedures, it can be used for a variety of procedures. Here are some things to know about sedation dentistry.

Sedation Is Not An Anesthetic

It is often believed that sedation and anesthetics are the same things or at least similar, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Anesthetics and sedatives actually work quite differently. A sedative relaxes a patient and an anesthetic numbs the patient’s senses for specific procedures, so they will not feel pain. With sedation, the patient will be unconscious during the procedure if their dentist opts for a general anesthetic. Sedatives, on the other hand, relax you but you are still awake.

Calgary Sedation Dentist Understands Why Patients Might Need Sedation

Oftentimes, dentists are able to do a better job by sedating some of their patients, particularly those who struggle to stay still or might panic. As long as the patients are relaxed, the dentist can complete more work. It’s especially important that people know the benefits of sedation dentistry because those who struggle with dentist visits are much more likely to neglect their oral health. The damage caused by years of neglect can often be repaired in just one appointment when your dentist uses sedation dentistry.

It’s Safe When Performed By a Professional Calgary Sedation Dentist

Unlike many people might think, sedation dentistry does not pose any major risks. There have been numerous studies done on sedatives, so they are proven to be both effective and safe. Depending upon your level of anxiety surrounding a dentist visit, your Calgary sedation dentist may suggest different types of sedatives. They may even prescribe medications to take before your appointment or recommend intravenous sedation as a better option.

It’s A Great Option For Those With Anxiety

Of course, anxiety can be treated by a Calgary sedation dentist, but even people who aren’t anxious about their dental visits can also benefit. There are a number of scenarios that can be helped with professional sedation. If any of these situations apply to you, you might want to consider sedation dentistry.

  • Are in need of a large amount of dental work
  • Have previously had a bad experience at the dentist
  • Have extremely sensitive teeth or gums
  • Have trouble staying still during your appointment
  • Have jaw or neck pain
  • Have a gag reflex that is extreme or uncontrollable

Getting anxious about going to the dentist isn’t uncommon, so don’t feel alone! But anxiety can prevent patients from getting the dental care that they need. Fortunately, a Calgary sedation dentist can help you to feel comfortable and at ease with the entire experience!

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