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get a full smile makeover

Are you unhappy with your smile? Our Calgary dentist can provide you with a full smile makeover to get you looking your best. We offer a variety of dental treatments that can improve the look of your teeth. Please call us right away if you are interested in getting the smile of your dreams. Set up a free consultation with us right away!

Smile Makeover Services We Provide

We don’t want anything to hold you back from getting the smile that you want. A study published by Pub Med showed that 9.8% of Canadians avoided dental treatment out of fear. We assure you that we make your treatment as smooth and comfortable as possible. Let us help give you the smile you want without fear.

The most popular services we provide for someone who wants a smile makeover include veneers, implants, whitening, and Invisalign. When you want to makeover your smile, you are going to be looking to receive mostly cosmetic dental treatments. We do address the problems if you have underlying health issues that need to be treated first such as gingivitis or cavities, etc.

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to change the way your smile looks. Perhaps your teeth are discolored, and you would like to get them whitened. Maybe you have very short, small teeth that could be improved with veneers. Or maybe there is a tooth missing that could be replaced with an implant.

We can help you determine the best options for you during your free consultation.

What Makes the Perfect Smile?

The perfect smile can look a little bit different to everyone, but generally, you are looking for bright white teeth that are straight with no overbite and very little gum showing when you smile.

If the issue is that you have crooked teeth, gaps, or other alignment issues, we can explore the option of Invisalign. This is a great treatment for those who have struggled with their confidence because of crooked teeth.

If your teeth are very short, it can make you look older than you are. When teeth are longer, they can give you a younger look. If you are concerned about looking aged by your tooth length, our porcelain veneers might be right for you.

You may need one service to achieve the perfect smile, or it could take several treatments to get you where you want to be in the end. We will work hard to make this a reality for you so you can become confident in your look.

Call Us Right Away for a Full Smile Makeover

When you sit down with us, we can give you a full idea of what needs to be done to accomplish the perfect smile. We can render an image of what your teeth could look like with the proper treatment. Then together we can get started. We do offer financing plans for those who cannot afford to pay for treatments in one lump sum. We want the perfect smile to be achievable for everyone.

If this is something that you are interested in, we would love to take your call today to get you set up with our Calgary dentist for a free consultation!