Effects of Seasonal Allergies To Oral Health

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Spring and fall can be quite a nightmare for people who suffer from allergies. Aside from their normal allergies, they also have to endure the seasonal allergies that come with these particular seasons. Seasonal allergies during the springtime are typically caused by pollen and sometimes mold. During the fall, it’s the pollination of ragweeds. The number of allergens in the air double and cause people to experience long months of congestion, itchy nose, mouth, eyes, or throat, puffy eyes, sneezing, and coughing.

What are the effects of seasonal allergies to oral health?

1. Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

As your immune system fights off the pollen, you might experience sinus pain. When you experience sore throat from having your sinuses congested and when mucus travels down the throat irritating. The teeth might feel discomfort when the throat becomes swollen, itchy, and painful. The teeth might also feel pain and discomfort when the immune system gets compromised because of allergic reactions which then creates more tooth pain and an increase in tooth sensitivity that makes teeth vulnerable to extremely hot and cold foods and beverages.

It may also cause pain when you shift from one position into another, lying down, standing up, etc. Taking an antihistamine may help lower the inflammation and provide relief. If it does, the pain is most likely related to your allergy, but if the pain continues, or takes place in another area than your upper molars, visit a family dentistry Calgary to have your teeth examined. This could be related to tooth decay.

2. Dry Mouth

When you experience the symptoms of seasonal allergies, the chances of you experiencing oral problems, as well, are quite high. The reason for this is because allergies can result in swollen lips, mouth, or tongue and can also result in irritation of the gums. One of the oral health problems that you might end up getting is dry mouth.

Dry mouth can be caused by congestion because you end up breathing through your mouth instead of through your nose, which then dries up your saliva. As you know, the presence of saliva is extremely important in the protection of oral health because it is the mouth’s first line of defense against gum disease and tooth decay. If you’re still experiencing dry mouth after allergy season, it’s best to visit an affordable dentist in Calgary to examine your mouth, diagnose the problem, and offer medications that can help keep your mouth moist.

3. Bad Breath

Another effect of a seasonal allergy to oral health is that it promotes bad breath. On top of having a stuffed nose and feeling itchy, you are also most likely going to suffer from bad breath or halitosis because when your allergies cause dry mouth or lead to postnasal drip, the bacteria will flourish and stimulated bad breath. To treat bad breath, you can try home remedies like gargling with warm salt water to eliminate or reduce bacteria that cause odor. The best thing still is to visit a dentist in Calgary that can perform professional and thorough teeth cleaning Calgary to fix any dental issues that might be the reason for your bad breath.

If you experience any of these oral health problems, especially during allergy season, contact us at Inglewood Family Dental to request an appointment!


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