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Are you experiencing issues with your tooth that are making you think it needs to come out? To learn more about getting a tooth pulled, please keep reading. When you are ready to set up a consultation with our Calgary dentist, call our office as soon as possible. If this is an emergency, please do not wait to call us.

What Causes Someone to Need a Tooth Pulled?

Poor oral hygiene can be contributed to a majority of tooth extractions that need to take place. There are some instances where a tooth is pulled in a child to help adult teeth come in, but primarily we deal with adults who are suffering from dental health issues.

If a tooth is too badly decayed or damaged, it will likely need to be extracted. If it cannot be saved with a root canal, you are going to have to talk to your dentist about getting the tooth pulled and possibly getting it replaced with a dental implant.

Are Teeth Extractions Painful?

When you have a dentist who has done many teeth extractions, you can rest assured that this will be as comfortable as possible. You will have the area numbed before you have the tooth pulled. It can feel somewhat uncomfortable. It is important that you communicate with your dentist about your pain levels. We do not want this to prevent you from seeing the dentist. Proper numbing should make this a pain-free experience. You should truly only feel some pressure while the tooth is being pulled.

If you feel sore the next day, you can take some over-the-counter pain relief medication. There are seldom issues that arise after tooth extractions but if you do experience pain that does not get better, you should give us a call right away.

Call Our Calgary Dentist Today

If you need more information about possibly needing a tooth pulled, please do not hesitate to give us a call right away. We would be more than happy to get you set up with a consultation with our skilled Calgary dentist.