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How To Choose A Dentist For Children | Pediatric Dentist in Calgary

Going to the dentist can be scary for adults and even scarier for kids. Finding a dentist for children that understands how children think and knows how to put children at ease is very important. A dentist for children that a child feels comfortable with can instill good oral hygiene habits in a child that will last into adulthood. Inglewood Family Dental specializes in child dental care and we welcome families here. We offer free consultations so that you can bring your kids to meet us and see our practice for yourself. Some important things that parents should be mindful of when choosing a dentist for children are:

Credentials and Education : Before Choosing A Dentist For Children

Anytime you are choosing a dentist you should check their credentials and education, but when you’re choosing a dentist for children you should be sure that the dentist you’re considering is educated in children specific dentistry. Children’s development and dental treatment is much different than that of adults and your children need a dentist that has studied pediatric dentistry.

Always verify that the dentist you’re considering has an education in pediatric dentistry and has been trained in working with kids before you bring your kids to that dentist.

Kid Friendly Environment

A family dental practice should be welcoming to the entire family including the children. At Inglewood Family Dental we have a child friendly office where kids are encouraged to play and ask questions because we want your whole family to feel comfortable here.

Every dentist for a child that you are considering should also have an office environment that is welcoming to children and that makes kids feel safe and comfortable. If you walk into a dentist’s office and don’t feel like your kids are welcome there cross that dentist off of your potential dentist list right away.

Active Engagement

It’s important to observe how the dentist is with your child. A dentist for children should practice active engagement with your child. That could mean showing the child how the dental chair works before asking the child to get in the chair, or it could be explaining the X ray process to the child, or it could be showing the child how to properly brush their teeth in a fun but instructive way.

Children respond best when adults treat them like they are part of the conversation. A good dentist should always engage with your child and put the child at ease.

Emergency Availability of Dentist For Children

Kids are prone to accidents, especially kids who play sports. It’s important to find a dentist for children that is available in emergencies so that if your child has a dental injury you can get them seen by a dentist they know and trust right away. Time matters when it comes to dental injuries in children.

An injury that happens in a sports game after regular business hours could result in permanent damage or tooth loss if the child doesn’t get to see a dentist right away. Choose a dentist that will be there for you in an emergency situation.


The best dentist for kids is one that has years of experience working with kids of all ages and their families. Finding a dentist that can provide high quality dental care to your children isn’t always easy but it’s worth the struggle.

A great kids dentist can put kids on the path to good oral hygiene habits for life by providing top quality treatment in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Kids who grow up seeing a dentist they trust, will take good care of their teeth throughout their lives.

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