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If you were to ask people to name their least favorite places to go, the dentist would probably be at the top of the list!  According to a CMHS survey, 26% of Canadians have not seen a dental professional in the last year. From cavities to root canals, the dentist certainly can provide patients with a lot of not-so-fun events!  Thankfully, sedation dentistry is a way that patients can receive the full benefits of good dental care without being awake to deal with the anxiety and stress that comes with these procedures.

What is Dental Sedation?

Depending on the specific needs of each patient, there are three basic types of dental sedation that are used during a trip to the dentist.  The mildest form of dental sedation is nitrous oxide which simply makes patients feel relaxed while an IV drip “knocks out” individuals so that they are in a deep sleep throughout the entire procedure.  Sedative pills also help to aid in relaxation and reduced anxiety when they are taken prior to the appointment.

We’ve listed the top five reasons that you might choose to be sedated the next time that you go to the dentist:

  1. You are Calmer and More Relaxed. Just thinking about an upcoming dental appointment can leave some people nervous for weeks in advance.  While there is no way to relieve the stress of an upcoming appointment, dental sedation can assure you that, once you’re in the chair, you will be able to relax without the fear of pain or concerning noises such as the famous grinding sound.
  2. The Dentist Can Work with Ease. When you’re nervous and afraid, holding still is not always a very easy task.  The dentist can find it difficult to work when you are fidgeting in your seat and may also work under stress when they see how nervous you are.  Being sedated makes it possible for you to hold perfectly still while the dentist completes their job.  The sedation ensures that the dentist will be able to work with ease and that you will be out of the office in the fastest time possible.
  3. You Won’t Have Horror Stories to Remember. If you receive an IV sedation, you will go to sleep before the dental procedure begins and wake up when it is finished.  When it is over, you can move forward with a life free from bad memories.
  4. Sedated Patients Don’t Gag. Let’s face it: Having someone’s fingers working on your teeth isn’t pleasant and some of us can’t handle it.  Sometimes, the procedures and tools can leave patients choking and gagging.  When you are sedated, you no longer have to worry about getting sick during dental work.
  5. You Remain Conscious. While dental sedation puts you in a sleep-like state that makes it possible for you to reduce anxiety and stress, you will still be able to take orders from the dentist.  Just because you’re sedated doesn’t mean that you will be limp and useless!  During sedation, the dentist can still ask you to do things like open your mouth wider, and your body will respond to the command.

For some people, a trip to the dentist is no more frightening than a trip to the grocery store while, for others, the anxiety can be almost debilitating.  Thanks to sedation dentistry, it is now possible for patients who struggle with anxiety to receive the dental care they desperately need while still maintaining their confidence and respect.  The next time you go to the dentist, ask about their dental sedation options.

If you or a loved one has fear or anxiety when going to the dentist, contact Inglewood Family Dental today to arrange a consultation to discuss our dental sedation options. Dedicated Calgary dentist Arash Ravanbakhsh offers various sedation dentistry options to help you stay calm during the procedure. Call today and let us put a smile on your face!

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