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Dental Night Guards Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family Dental

Dental night guards in Calgary aren’t typically something that you would think your Calgary dentist might recommend for you to wear. What’s more, they sound uncomfortable and don’t seem like the most desirable thing to deal with. Most people shun the idea of having to wear a dental night guard, but they aren’t even aware of exactly what a dental night guard is, or why on earth they might need to wear one.

What is a dental night guard?

Dental Night Guards Calgary Dentist Inglewood Family DentalDental night guards are actually a fairly frequent recommendation made by dentists who notice signs of tooth grinding in their patients. Tooth grinding, or bruxism, is most likely to occur at night when the patient is sleeping. Unfortunately, long-term bruxism can actually lead to somewhat severe and undesirable complications such as tooth and jaw problems, as well as headaches.

Those who grind their teeth regularly in their sleep may notice cracked or chipped teeth, which is never a good thing. Beyond being an aesthetic issue for some people, cracked or broken teeth can actually lead to serious complications such as pulp infections.

How Can a Dental Night Guard Help?

What’s the best solution for chronic bruxism? Being fitted with a dental night guard. These guards can be custom-made and fitted specifically to the patient’s mouth, or you can also buy the boil and bite kind which can be fitted easily at home. Over-the-counter night guards will work to help reduce tooth grinding problems in a pinch. However, professionally made dental night guards are the preferred option.

The specific and individualized molding of a custom-made night guard means they’re decidedly more comfortable, which is critical since the patient needs to sleep with it in their mouth! If there have already been jaw issues identified because of bruxism, a professionally made night guard can be designed to relieve pressure on areas of the jaw that are exhibiting signs of stress.

Of course, most people are attracted to the low price point of a store-bought night guard. However, professionally made night guards are of extremely high quality and can last for several years, even up to ten years if well looked after.

It goes without saying that those suffering with bruxism should certainly use a dental night guard to prevent damage from occurring to their teeth and jaw. However, there are also several long-term life changes that can be made which might help to reduce nighttime tooth grinding. Reducing stimulants such as caffeine can help to stop bruxism. Stress is also a common cause of night time tooth grinding, so doing whatever you can to eliminate stressful situations in your life can be a significant advantage in protecting your teeth.

Symptoms of Bruxism

Some symptoms of bruxism are obvious, while others not so much. A Calgary dentist will be able to easily and quickly diagnose bruxism and get their patient well on the path to recovery. Symptoms might include:

  • A sore or aching jaw, particularly in the morning after waking.
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Pain in the neck or face muscles
  • Flat teeth, chips in the teeth, or cracks in the teeth.

If you notice any of the above issues, it’s time to pay your Calgary dentist a visit and consider getting fitted for a dental night guard. It’s important to prevent further damage from happening and visit your dentist in a timely manner. Remember, a serious chip in a tooth can be arduous, expensive, and irritating to fix. It’s a much better idea to get fitted for a dental night guard to prevent such issues from occurring.

At Inglewood Family Dental, we look forward helping you develop a preventive dental care plan that emphasizes periodontal care to keep your teeth healthy and strong, for a lifetime of use.

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