Dental Extractions

Calgary Dentist Explains Dental Extractions

Sometimes dental extractions are a necessary last resort. Whether the tooth needs to be removed due to disease, crowding, or other trauma, sometimes an extraction is unavoidable. Watch this video by dedicated Calgary dentist Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh as he explains how dental extractions work, and the process of undergoing this type of treatment at Inglewood Family Dental.

Sometimes we get to a point where a tooth needs to come out of the mouth for various reasons, whether it be a wisdom tooth that has a high risk of causing future issues or a tooth that’s broken down, is not restorable, or hurting. Patients want to know about the process of getting a dental extraction. How dental extractions typically happen, is that the tooth that is to be removed from the mouth is frozen.

Once that tooth is frozen, what we do is we separate the gums from the tooth and slowly start to move the tooth in its bony sockets, to detach the ligaments that are holding the tooth to the bone, and through various instruments and various techniques, we slowly work the tooth out of the socket and out of the mouth.

Sometimes some teeth have roots that are hooked, sometimes they have roots that are converging, and we need to utilize special techniques such as splitting the roots or removing some bone from around the tooth in order to extract the tooth. A lot of times we will go over that before the procedure, especially if the x-ray shows that complications can arise, or we take special precautions when we are taking a tooth out.

If you or a loved one has a tooth that needs to be removed, contact us today to learn more about dental extractions. Our dedicated Calgary dentist provides consultations and would love to help you in any way we can. Call today to arrange your consultation. We look forward to relieving your pain, and putting a smile on your face!

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