Cosmetic Dentist in Calgary Explains Options for Repairing Damaged Teeth

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Learn About Your Options for Repairing Damaged Teeth From An Experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Calgary

If you have experienced damage to your teeth it can be quite upsetting. It can also be painful, irritating, and not very aesthetically pleasing to look at. Damaged teeth can also cause quite a lot of problems that may be difficult to fix if not addressed immediately. For this reason, it’s very important that damaged teeth are restored as quickly as possible by a Calgary dentist. A professional cosmetic dentist in Calgary will be able to give you options for the best ways to repair any tooth damage. Many people have no idea what restorative solutions for dental care out there, so here, we will talk about some of the options for repairing damaged teeth.

Chipped Teeth

If you’ve experienced a chipped tooth the best option is likely to be composite resin bonding or porcelain veneers. Either of these solutions will work to restore your smile as well as protect the damaged area from complications. A cosmetic dentist in Calgary will be able to undergo either composite resin bonding or porcelain veneers.


The first course of treatment for a tooth that has a bad infection is probably going to be undergoing a root canal. During a root canal, the infected dental pulp of the tooth is removed and then the tooth is sealed off to protect it and prevent further damage. After a root canal or the removal of the pulp from a tooth, that tooth can be significantly weakened and needs further protection to keep it strong and healthy. In this situation, a cosmetic dentist in Calgary will likely fit a dental crown over the top of the damaged tooth.

Tooth Decay

We’ve all had a filling at some point in our life, and that filling was a solution to tooth decay or a cavity. A cosmetic dentist in Calgary will start by filling the area with a composite resin. Tooth decay is very common and usually doesn’t require any further cosmetic dentistry intervention. But for patients who have experienced severe tooth decay and the damage that comes along with it, a dental crown may also be helpful in this situation. Just as with a root canal, the dental crown will provide extra protection for the damaged tooth. It will also help to stabilize teeth that have had to undergo large fillings to make sure that they don’t break.

Worn-down Teeth

Bruxism, which is more commonly known as tooth grinding, can cause teeth to become worn down significantly if patients don’t fit a dental night guard. For individuals who have been grinding their teeth for a long period of time the amount of wear and tear that their smile has undergone may require the help of a cosmetic dentist in Calgary. If a dental night guard hasn’t already been fitted, the dentist will probably recommend one first to prevent any further damage from occurring. Then, to restore the smile back to a healthy state, they may offer restoration options such as crowns.

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If you’ve experienced tooth damage that is knocking your confidence or irritating you, or in many cases is causing pain, a cosmetic dentist in Calgary may be able to help. Cosmetic dentistry is designed to restore structure and protection to teeth to prevent further damage, as well as repair your smile so that you can feel confident again.

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