Common Pediatric Dental Issues: Prevention and Treatment for Kids

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Common Pediatric Dental Issues

When it comes to their children’s dental health, parents always want the best for them. Encouraging good oral hygiene habits from the moment the first teeth erupt is crucial to preventing the majority of dental issues that youngsters encounter. Children of all ages frequently experience dental-related problems, which is why taking them to children’s dentistry in SE Calgary and providing preventative care is crucial. 

Outlined below for your convenience are some issues that children’s dentistry frequently see and are capable of remedying effectively. 


The majority of young children struggle to brush and floss on their own. When combined with the possibility that some children’s diets are high in sugar, cavities can become a serious problem. When sticky plaque builds up on the surface of teeth, tooth decay results. Plaque acid basically eats away at the enamel, causing the tooth to gradually wear down.

Until a youngster can grasp and control a toothbrush firmly enough on their own, parents should supervise and assist their children when brushing their teeth. Early tooth decay can be avoided if you make sure your children brush their teeth daily to get rid of food particles, bacteria, and plaque. In the event that a cavity does occur, tooth filling is usually necessary, which entails drilling out the decay and filling the hole. 

Teeth Sensitivity

Your child’s focus and routine may be frequently disturbed by sensitive teeth, which can be uncomfortable and distracting. Your child’s teeth may become sensitive for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Decaying areas (cavities)
  • Fresh permanent teeth emergence
  • Wear on enamel and acid erosion
  • Bruxism, or grinding of teeth
  • Broken or absent filler
  • Treatment for orthodontics

There are several therapies available for children with sensitive teeth that can help lessen their pain and suffering. If a tooth issue, like a cavity, is the reason for the sensitivity, you should visit your Calgary dentist as soon as possible to  prevent the issue from becoming worse.

Gum Disease and Gingivitis in Children

You might have believed that gum disease was a dental issue exclusive to grownups. Unfortunately, this is untrue for parents. Children can get gingivitis and gum disease; in fact, children’s dentistry near you frequently have these conditions. 

Children who have poor oral hygiene are more susceptible to serious gum disease. Gum recession, swollen regions, and oral soreness are common symptoms. Most of the time, daily brushing and flossing may have prevented gingivitis and gum disease. On occasion, however, your child’s teeth may become so crowded that they become unable to clean their teeth effectively, leading to gum disease or gingivitis.

Emergency Dentistry

A dental emergency can occur at any moment. Children who are engaged in sports, playing rough with their siblings, or falling from a bike are all activities that might result in dental accidents. Teeth chipping, breaking, or cracking can be the result of these accidents. More serious situations may result in the total loss of a permanent tooth.

Excessive Thumb Sucking

Thumb-sucking and pacifier use are common ways for babies, toddlers, and young children to relieve anxiety. Long-term thumb sucking can interfere with a child’s tooth development, but this isn’t really a concern until the youngster is older and continues the behaviour. For this reason, parents ought to discourage the behaviour from developing past the toddler years.

The most common causes of what is known as an open bite are pacifier use and prolonged thumb sucking. When the lower and upper front teeth do not converge, even with the mouth closed, this is known as an open bite. As a result, your child might have trouble biting and chewing, and it might even affect their speech.

It is Never Too Late to Help Your Child Achieve Good Dental Hygiene 

The healthier your child’s teeth and gums will be for the rest of their life, the sooner they start receiving regular dental exams and good oral hygiene. 

With the help of a dentist near you, arrange an examination about preventive dental care for your child. Make an appointment online or by calling the Inglewood Family Dental when it is most convenient for you!