Clear Braces: The Modern Alternative to Metal Braces

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Clear Braces | Inglewood Family Dental | Dentist in Calgary

When you look in the mirror, is there a specific quality you notice first? Is it your eyes? Your hair? Perhaps your smile? For many people in the world, their teeth structure and smile are what brings them the most unhappiness in their appearance. This is due to a crooked or misaligned feel, which leads to self-consciousness. You don’t need perfect teeth to love the way you look, but for some people it helps them build appreciation for themselves. Thankfully, braces are an option for you. Unlike the traditional metal braces that you may picture when you think of braces, there are other alternatives for the working person. This includes clear braces. Clear braces are a great option to straighten your teeth if you’d like them aligned discreetly. Read more below about what they can offer you.

What are Clear Braces?

As the name suggests, clear braces are essentially like the traditional kind of braces, but they do not have any of the metal bulkiness as them. Instead, the bracket pieces that attach to the tooth with a composite resin are made of plastic. Most times, this plastic is polycarbonate, but they can also be composed of ceramic. Ceramic is tougher to stain and more durable than polycarbonate brackets are. Depending on the type of clear braces you desire, these can come with either clear or metal wire connecting the brackets together.

The clear wire allows both the bracket and wiring to seamlessly blend in with the color of your teeth. The metal wire essentially looks like a thin piece of metal stretching across the length of your teeth. Regardless of the option you choose or what is recommended by your dentist, clear braces are significantly less visible than traditional metal braces are. Clear braces are often recommended for people who have working lives and don’t want metal braces to stand in the way of potential opportunity. When considering receiving clear braces in Calgary, it’s important to recognize the process associated with its procedure.

Process of Receiving Clear Braces

Getting clear braces in Calgary is nearly identical, if not certainly identical, to that of the process of receiving metal braces. First, you must have a consultation with your dentist and orthodontist so they can ensure you qualify for braces. After this confirmation, your dental provider will set an appointment for your molds. When the time comes, they will fill a mold with a gel-like substance, and they’ll have you bite down on it. This creates an impression of your teeth that can be used for reference in applying the braces to your teeth.

Either together with the previous or alternatively, your dentist may take x-rays of your mouth to monitor its condition and progress over time. After the mold is taken, your dentist should be able to proceed with applying the clear braces to your teeth. Clear brackets are placed on each tooth and sealed on with a composite resin. The dentist will then attach a wire to all of the brackets and tighten them. And that’s it! Every few weeks, your dentist will ask you to return so they can tighten up the wires after the teeth move into a different position.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look and want to talk to a professional about your options, Inglewood Family Dental can help. We offer a consultation, meaning that you can set an appointment for dental recommendations. For example, you can discuss your concerns about receiving clear braces compared to traditional braces without ever being charged.

When we begin treatment, we can discuss payment for the treatment itself. Instead of living with apprehension in your everyday life due to self-conscious views about your teeth, get them straightened today with Inglewood Family Dental!

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