Ceramic Dental Crowns to Restore Your Teeth

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ceramic dental crowns to restore your teeth

When you have damage to your teeth, you are likely looking for a solution. Whether you have a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth, you might benefit from ceramic dental crowns.

Our Calgary dentist has been restoring teeth for many years. When you want someone to take a look at your damaged tooth, please reach out to us today. We would be happy to set you up with a consultation right away.

Who Needs Ceramic Dental Crowns?

When you receive a dental crown, it could be for a few reasons. If your tooth structure is weak, a crown can strengthen it. If you have broken off bits of your teeth, a crown can reshape it. If there are small cracks in your tooth, a crown can prevent the cracks from getting worse. In cases of tooth loss, a crown is used to replace the gaps between teeth to prevent your alignment from being affected.

To determine whether you will need a crown, it is best to reach out to our Calgary dentist right away. We will assess your tooth or teeth that have been damaged and come up with a plan to help you get the proper treatment that you need. Ceramic crowns provide you with the most natural color match.

What is the Procedure to Get Ceramic Dental Crowns?

The process of getting a crown is typically going to be a two-step process. The first visit is going to be the preparation of the tooth as well as the placement of a temporary crown. This is going to be placed on your tooth while your permanent crown gets created out of moldings that were taken during your first visit.

When you return for the second visit, you will have your permanent crown placed. The tooth will already have been cleaned, removed of decay or damage, and prepared to have a permanent crown placed on it.

If you are receiving a dental implant for tooth loss, you are going to end up having the screw placed into the jawbone on your first visit, and the crown placed on the screw.

How to Care for Your New Ceramic Dental Crowns

Proper dental care is important to keep not only your crowns intact but also your natural tooth structure. When you take care of your teeth every day, you are minimizing the risk of recurring damage to your remaining teeth. You are also going to ensure that the tooth with the crown stays free of harmful bacteria, plaque, or tartar.

Brush your teeth twice a day or after every meal. Floss regularly to remove food particles from your teeth, taking special care around your crown. Consider using a fluoride-fortified mouthwash to restore your tooth’s enamel.

These tips will help you keep your crown for a very long time.

Call Our Calgary Dentist Today

If you have broken, damaged, or missing teeth, you can reach out to our Calgary dentist to set up an appointment. We have been restoring the teeth of our community for many years.

We urge you to make a phone call to set up an appointment right away. If you need a ceramic dental crown, this could be a dental emergency that we want to address right away. Give us a call to get on our appointment book as soon as possible.

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