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Bruxism Guards | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

If you’ve ever woken up with a sore jaw, you know the experience of thousands of people across the world. The fancy word for teeth grinding, bruxism, is the condition where someone will clench their jaw when either asleep or awake. People can rub and grind their teeth together as well, and this can cause serious issues for the oral cavity. Thankfully, there is a solution for you. If you suffer from bruxism, consider getting bruxism guards. These can help reduce your pain and symptoms associated with grinding your teeth.

Bruxism Symptoms

The symptoms of bruxism are usually easy to identify, and they are distinct. The first and most obvious symptom of bruxism is the grinding of the teeth, especially at night. This grinding can often be loud enough to wake up a person you’re sleeping with. The next morning, you may feel pain and inflammation in the jaw area, as you put pressure on it overnight.

In addition to nighttime grinding, you may notice yourself clenching your teeth together throughout the day. This grinding and clenching can lead to an additional symptom: chipped or flattened teeth. If you have chipped teeth in combination with jaw pain, you’re likely grinding your teeth.

The harder you grind, the more likely your teeth are to wear down. With this wear comes tooth sensitivity from enamel loss. Essentially, bruxism can lead to pain and cosmetic issues.

How can Bruxism Guards Help?

Bruxism guards are a piece of custom-made plastic that prevents the harm of bruxism and teeth grinding. A bruxism guard may not cure the bruxism itself, as bruxism is often caused by stress. In turn, the guard will prevent your symptoms instead.

The first way a bruxism guard can help is through protecting the enamel. When you grind your teeth consistently, you are at risk for lessening enamel due to breakdown and erosion. A guard can prevent your enamel from decreasing, thus also preventing nerve exposure.

A second way that a guard can help is through jaw cushioning. Adding a layer between your teeth prevent the same force that is applied and can decrease the jaw pain that you’ll typically feel in the morning after clenching your teeth all night. When you introduce a bruxism guard into your life, you’ll likely feel less pain, irritability, and frustration in your daily life.

Cost of Bruxism Guards

Bruxism guards, otherwise known as nightguards, do a great job at preventing pain and symptoms associated with jaw clenching and teeth grinding. However, they are not free. Depending on the type of material that your bruxism guard is and the dentist that you visit, the price you pay can vary.

Traditionally, the cost of these bruxism guards ranges anywhere between $300 and $500. This can be a lot for those not looking to spend hundreds on a mouth appliance, and thankfully there are dentists that will work with you.

Learn More About Affordable Bruxism Guards in Calgary

Bruxism is a serious condition that is often caused by internalized stress. Instead of adding more stress into your life by avoiding treatment, getting bruxism guards can help relieve pain and symptoms associated with your bruxism.

Inglewood Family Dental can help you through this process. After a complementary consultation, we’ll discuss the best options for you and start your journey to getting a bruxism guard. We’ll discuss price and costs ahead of time as well, so this way you’ll know what to expect.

Be sure to call or contact us today to schedule an appointment to determine how we can help your bruxism best. Instead of waking up every morning in pain, get a bruxism guard today!

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