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Broken Tooth Extraction | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

The normal human adult has 32 teeth. That means you have 32 chances of having an issue with your teeth. One of the most common issues that people have with their mouths is broken teeth. A broken tooth can cause a lot of pain and lead to further damage, so the first method taken to fix the issue is often extraction. This may seem nerve wracking at first, but the extraction process is safe and simple. It’s better to extract the tooth than it is to leave it broken, as a broken tooth can harbor bacteria and cause future problems within your oral cavity. Before getting your tooth extracted, you should know the process behind doing so.

How People Get Broken Teeth

Broken teeth can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common cases of broken teeth come from impact injuries. If you play on a sports team, you may have gotten hit in the face and broken a tooth. To prevent this from happening again, be sure to wear a mouthguard while playing.

An additional way that people break their teeth is through chewing and eating. Sometimes, a person may bite down on something hard and cause the tooth to break, especially if the tooth is already weak.

A final common way that a tooth can break is through falling. When you fall face first, your mouth may come in contact with the ground and lead to a broken tooth. Whatever the way that your tooth broke, it’s important to handle the situation of broken tooth extraction with speed and care.

Why a Broken Tooth Extraction May be Necessary?

A tooth extraction for a broken tooth is often necessary because of many reasons. First of all, a broken tooth can be very painful. When a tooth breaks, the nerves that are found inside the tooth itself can become exposed. Exposed nerves create sensitivity and pain when in contact with varying temperatures, and it makes eating and drinking very difficult.

Another reason why a tooth extraction is often necessary for a broken tooth is due to bacteria buildup. When your tooth breaks, you’re exposing the inner tooth and root area to bacteria. This can lead to further decay and pain if left untreated. Getting a tooth extraction after breaking a tooth can save you pain and further damage in the future, so it’s best to handle swiftly.

Broken Tooth Extraction Process

When people hear the words “tooth extraction,” they may feel fear and nerves associated with the extraction. It’s important to understand that a tooth extraction process is simple and painless. When you’re extracting a broken tooth, there’s a specific procedure followed.

First, your dentist will give you anesthetics and numbing injections to ensure you don’t feel any pain. Next, they will work carefully and remove the tooth by gentle wiggling of the tooth and possible incisions around the area.

After the procedure is done, you may receive sutures to close the area. In the following days, be sure to keep the wound clean and avoid eating hard and sticky foods.

Get your Broken Tooth Extracted

If you have a broken tooth, it’s vital that you go through with the tooth extraction process as soon as possible. This way, you’ll prevent further injury to the oral cavity and area. If you’re looking for a trustworthy dentist to perform your tooth extraction, Inglewood Family Dental can help. Our trained staff will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process, and you’ll leave with a happy mouth.

Instead of causing future issues in your oral cavity, call or visit us today to schedule an appointment for your broken tooth extraction.

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