Benefits of a Custom Mouth Guard

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benefits of a custom mouth guard

Are you looking to get a custom mouth guard? There are distinctive benefits to seeing a dentist for your mouth guard rather than going to a drugstore to pick up a one size fits all mouth guard.

Please keep reading to learn more about how we make our custom-fit mouth guards. Then give our Calgary dentist a call right away for a consultation.

Who Needs a Custom Mouth Guard?

There are two types of mouth guards that we provide to our patients based on their needs. We provide night guards for patients who grind their teeth at night. These guards can protect your teeth from the damage that grinding can do. Grinding your teeth at night is called bruxism.

If you are an athlete in a contact sport like football, getting a mouth guard from a dentist can help protect your teeth from blunt trauma damage. You will be glad to have a mouth guard the next time you get hit in the teeth.

Why Should I Skip a Drugstore Mouth Guard?

Going to a dentist for a custom mouth guard is going to be your best bet if you want something that fits your mouth very well. You have a couple of options at the drugstore that works, but they are not ideal if you want something that fits perfectly.

There are the ones that you buy premade and then there are the ones that you buy that you boil and try to fit your teeth while they are warm.

We have had patients come to us after having bad experiences with drugstore mouth guards. They have been described as uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and cause jaw issues for some.

How Do I Get Fitted for a Custom Mouth Guard?

If you would like to get fitted for a mouth guard, you can call our dentist to set up an appointment right away. You are going to have this guard formed to your teeth structure to protect your teeth and jaw. It will fit with a vacuum seal so that it won’t get knocked out when you get hit.

The guards that we give you are going to absorb the shock of a hit to your teeth and mouth evenly to provide optimal protection.

Call Our Calgary Dentist Today

If you are looking to get a custom mouth guard, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Calgary dentist right away. We are happy to get you set up with a consultation to meet with our dentist and get you started on the process of getting a mouth guard that is custom fit to your teeth. Give our office a call today.