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Affordable Dentures | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

Wear and tear of the body is natural, especially as you age. This is particularly true for the mouth, as this area is constantly used daily. Your oral cavity is used for eating, drinking, speaking, and more. It’s no wonder why tooth loss is common as age progresses. Tooth loss may make people feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in their bodies. Additionally, the process can make completing daily tasks, like eating, drinking, and speaking, more difficult. Thankfully, there are solutions for those who experience tooth loss. One of the most common treatment plans is dentures. Affordable Dentures are great for many people who have tooth decay and missing teeth.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are also known as a set of false teeth. They are prosthetic pieces that fit into the mouth to replace missing teeth, and they are supported by the oral tissue structures currently present in your mouth. The process of getting dentures may seem difficult, but it is simple and common for many.

When you need dentures, your dentist will need to remove any teeth in the way of the area of your dentures. They will then take a mold of your mouth to gauge the way the dentures must sit. The molds will be sent to a lab to get specifically crafted to fit your mouth.

When the dentures are completed, you’ll return to the dentist for an oral fitting where they’ll be adjusted, if necessary. Plenty of people can benefit from this process.

Benefits of Affordable Dentures

Receiving dentures has many positive impacts on people’s lives. There are a variety of benefits that dentures provide patients. These are all based around look and functionality. First of all, dentures can help people regain their level of confidence. That’s because dentures replace missing teeth, so people can feel more comfortable smiling and showing their teeth off in public.

Additionally, when you lose teeth, your facial structures begin to sag. When dentures are in place, your facial muscles are supported. Next, functionality is significantly improved. People can eat as they normally would, as dentures function as normal teeth. There will be no sensitivity as well, since there are no nerves within the dentures.

Lastly, dentures can improve the way that people speak. When teeth are missing, lisps and difficulty forming words is likely. Dentures eliminate this altogether. Clearly, affordable dentures can significantly improve the way that people live their lives.

Cost of Dentures

The cost of dentures ranges widely depending on the type of dentures you receive. There are a full set of traditional dentures, partial dentures, implant supported dentures, and more. Each of these require a different process and therefore cost different amounts of money.

On average, dentures are seen ranging anywhere between $1,300 to upwards of $3,500 prior to insurance. In addition to this cost, if you have teeth that need to be removed prior to that, it can cost up to about $350 per tooth. This is an expensive cost, but options for affordability exist for you.

Get Affordable Dentures Today

Not all dentures have to break the bank. Dentures are great for those that have functionality and aesthetic issues in regard to missing teeth. If you’re in the market for dentures, Inglewood Family Dental can help.

We offer free consultations for all new patients where we’ll sit down and discuss the best dental options for you. Not only do we offer free consultations, but we have affordable denture plans as well.

Call or visit us to schedule an appointment and begin the journey to dentures. Instead of living with missing teeth, get a set of custom dentures today!

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