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Affordable Dental Implants | Calgary Dentist | Inglewood Family Dental

If you have missing, damaged, or decaying teeth, you may be searching for a solution to fix your smile and functionality of your teeth and mouth. Thanks to modern technology, there are plenty of options for you, but one of the most common ones is by using a dental implant. Dental implants can help you feel more confident with your smile as well as perform tasks, like chewing, in an easier way. Unfortunately, some dentists may overcharge for dental implants simply because they can. If you’re looking for affordable dental implants, you should know about the process and cost behind them.

What are Dental Implants?

You may have come across dental implants along your search to improve your oral health and visual appeal. Dental implants are essentially fixtures that get inserted into the jawbone to provide support for a false tooth that sits atop it.

To receive a dental implant, there must be no tooth in the way. If there is currently one in the place that you’re looking to get an implant, an extraction must be performed first. After the tooth is removed, a metal screw will be surgically placed into your jawbone, and in future dental appointments you’ll receive a false tooth that covers the area. Dental implants can help a lot of people get through the day normally.

Who Benefits from Oral Implants?

All different kinds of people can benefit from dental implants. Anyone with healthy bone is considered a good candidate for a dental implant, and even if the bone structure is weakening, there are options.

The most common reason why people tend to choose affordable dental implants is because of a missing or lost tooth. They can not only cause further harm to the facial structure, but a missing tooth is difficult to manage when carrying out daily tasks like eating and drinking. Not to mention potential sensitivity in that area when doing so. To solve this problem, dental implants are inserted.

The second most common reason for a dental implant is for permanent cosmetic reasons. If a tooth is missing, it can be visually distracting to yourself or others. Filling this hole with an identical false tooth will reduce any stigma associated with a missing tooth.

Types of Oral Implants

There are two main categories of affordable dental implants. The first is traditional, and the second is mini. Within these, there are more specific types of implants that your dentist may recommend you receive. Traditional dental implants are large screws that are surgically placed in healthy bone. They are considered similar to an anchor, as they are secured in the jawbone. From there, an abutment is placed and a false tooth atop that.

The second category of dental implant is considered a mini implant where the abutment and screw piece are one fixture, and the screw piece is smaller than a traditional implant. These are best for those with a lack of jawbone strength. Regardless of the type of implant that’ll work best for you, you need to pay for them.

Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants vary in price depending on how many implants you need, the type of implant used, and the material of the implant. Typically, dental implants range from $1,000 to $3,000 for the screw piece itself, and an additional $500 to $3,000 for the crown. Dental implants can get expensive, so it’s important that you work with a dental provider who offers affordable treatment.

Get Affordable Dental Implants

If you’re in the market for affordable dental implants, Inglewood Family Dental can help. Here, a dentist will analyze the condition of your mouth and then recommend the best treatment option for you.

Call or visit today to schedule a consultation and discuss affordable payment options for your dental implants!

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