5 General Hygiene Tips from a Dentist

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5 general hygiene tips from a dentist

If you are looking to improve your dental care, please take a look at these general hygiene tips provided by our Calgary dentist. Some simple daily fixes coupled with regular checks at our office can help keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Give us a call to set up an appointment.

#1 Regular Visits to the Dentist

Depending on your dental condition, we recommend coming in to see a dentist twice a year or more. If you need more attention, we can help you get your teeth in good shape to drop your visits down to bi-annual checkups. Getting regular cleanings and checkups ensures that you are restoring and maintaining your dental health. We can catch things and treat them before they get out of hand.

#2 Good Brushing Habits

You should be brushing your teeth for about two minutes, twice a day. All four quadrants of the teeth, gums, and tongue should be included when you brush your teeth. Brushing after eating, especially sugary foods, can help prevent cavities.

#3 Regular Flossing

When you floss every day, you remove food particles between your teeth that can cause cavities. You are also helping prevent gum disease and gingivitis when you regularly floss. Not only that, but regular flossing can also get rid of plaque. If there is blood when you floss, that could be an indication that you have gingivitis or gum disease. If you are experiencing bleeding when you floss, please call our office right away. We offer treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease.

#4 Fluoride Mouthwash

You may have heard that fluoride makes your teeth enamel stronger. There have been decades of research done to show that fluoride is safe and effective at helping improve your dental health. We recommend using fluoride mouthwash every day to clean and maintain your teeth. The stronger your teeth are, the less like you are to experience serious issues.

#5 Healthy Eating Habits

The things that you eat, and drink can impact your dental health more than you might expect. When you eat sugary things before bed, for example, and do not brush your teeth before you go to sleep, sticky bits of that sugar can sit on your tooth enamel overnight and cause damage which can lead to cavities and cracked teeth.

Getting enough calcium in growing children is going to impact the health of their teeth. This comes from much more than just cow’s milk. You can get a lot of calcium from foods like beans, seeds, canned salmon, almonds, and leafy greens.

Cutting sugary beverages like pop from your beverage is going to be very beneficial to your dental health. Pop can destroy your enamel when you drink it regularly. If you do not care for your teeth and you drink pop, then you are at risk of issues like cavities.

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