What is a partial denture?

When you are missing teeth, you may be exploring different options to restore your smile. If so, partial dentures may be right for you.  Watch this video by dedicated Calgary dentist Dr. Arash Ravanbakhsh to learn more about dentures and how a partial denture can help you restore the form and function of your teeth.

Here at Inglewood Family Dental, we have patients who want us to make their partial dentures. Partial dentures are a removable option we use to replace missing teeth. One of the benefits of partial dentures is that they’re a little bit quicker to do despite being a little more expensive.

There are several different types of partial dentures we offer people. You can do all-plastic partial dentures or plastic combined with metal. It all depends on how many teeth we are replacing, what condition your teeth are in, and how well you take care of your teeth.

Every person has a unique situation. If you’d like to talk more about partial dentures, please give our office a call and we’d be happy to further discuss this with you.

If you or someone you love is missing teeth and want to learn more about how a partial denture can help, please contact us for a consultation.