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10 Reasons that will Give you a Life-Changing Smile

Teeth Whitening in Calgary Teeth Bleaching Inglewood Family Dental

Did you know that smiling releases endorphins, which help you in alleviating stress and improving mood? Your smile is contagious, and it can brighten up someone’s day. Sometimes a smile is all we need to keep the day going. Studies have shown that smiling makes people more attractive. However, discoloured or yellowing teeth can prevent […]

Swollen Jaw Treatment

Swollen Jaw | Jaw Swelling | Inglewood Family Dental | Dentist in Calgary

Just as the name suggests, a swollen jaw indicates that a portion of your lower mouth, called the jawbone, is harmed or sickened in some way. It can cause significant pain. They can occur for various reasons, yet some causes are more serious than others. Regardless of the reason that you are experiencing a swollen […]